Apricus-22-Collector-250L-Gas-Tank-Booster-RGBThe Evacuated Tube is a newer technology compared to flat panel solar collectors. It is also a bit more complex. But simply explained, a set of tubes with a manifold at the top is connected to a water tank. The tubes comprise a few different elements. Each tube contains purified water which boils at a low temperature and converts to steam due to the heat from sunlight. This steam rises to the top of the tube, to the manifold, heating the cooler water there. The evacuated tubes are constructed with heat conducting material to enable maximum heat transfer with minimum sunlight.

The evacuated tube technology works on principles similar to the flat panel but is considered a superior technology. It has:

  • Excellent cold weather performance.
  • Resistance to frost conditions.
  • Better and faster heat generating capability as the tubes have a greater surface area exposed to sunlight and better heat transfer capability.
  • Low installation and maintenance requirements.

The only disadvantage of Evacuated Tube is the higher cost relative to flat panels. However, payback can be significantly better due to greater efficiency.

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