Plumbing Tips When Facing a Pandemic

Brisbane is about to enter the cold and flu season and much of Australia has strict quarantine processes in place due to Coronavirus. We thought it would be vital to share plumbing tips when facing a pandemic to keep your home healthy. 

With the rise of sickness in Australia, it’s prudent to consider how we can decrease risk of infection and keep our homes protected. These plumbing tips to help you stay healthy during a pandemic aren’t scare tactics, more habits to practice to ensure good hygiene is in place. 

Regularly clean surfaces to remove spread of bacteria

It’s inevitable that someone in the family will get a cold and while incubated at home, their hands will touch the toilet door, toilet cistern, taps and etc. Regularly clean these surfaces where hands touch to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Also encourage regular hand washing after using toilet facilities. It’s recommended for hands to be cleaned for 30 seconds to effectively remove bacteria. 

Close the toilet lid when you flush

If you’ve ever been to a hospital toilet, there will always be a sign to ask for the lid to be closed when the toilet is flushed. The reason for this is to contain any bacteria or medicinal particles into the air when the toilet is flushed. The same practice can happen at home to prevent faecal bacteria landing on surround surfaces in the toilet. This can spread gastro if not contained. 

Organise a plumbing inspection on your hot water unit

It’s important for your hot water unit to heat water at 60 degrees before it is released into the pipework. Anything below this can onset the growth of legionella bacteria, which can be detrimental to your family’s health. Any taps or showers that aren’t used regularly should be turned on once a week to remove the threat of growth of the bacteria in the pipes. A plumbing inspection to your hot water unit will ensure two things. 

  1. The unit is heating the water to the temperature needed and any tempering valves are working correctly.
  2. Check the unit for any potential problems which could see you run out of hot water in the cooler months. 

Check rainwater tank for pooling of water to prevent mosquito spread diseases

Mozzies love your rainwater tanks, so it’s important to check there is no pooling of water around your tank and home when it rains. Also check the mesh sieves to prevent mosquitoes breeding in the rainwater tank. You can read more preventative measures on how to prevent mosquitoes making a home in your rainwater tank here.

Install a water filter

Drinking water is essential for hydration. But do you know what is lurking in your drinking water from the kitchen tap? While Brisbane is blessed with clean drinking water supplies, there can be added chemicals or micro plastics you’re not aware of ingesting. To give you peace of mind, getting a water filter installed at the kitchen sink will ensure you’re drinking the best water possible. We are also able to service and install Zip Hydrotaps. Give us a call so we can give a quote for supply and installation for this popular chilled water tap. 

Plumbing is essential for your health by providing water for drinking and cleaning, and the remove of waste through sanitary fixtures. Be sure to make Salmon Plumbing your first point of call when organising inspections or installations to improve the plumbing health of your home. 

You can read what our practices are during the Coronavirus Pandemic to protect you and our staff during this time here