Flat Panel collectors are the most common solar collectors. They work by absorbing energy from the sun’s ray and transferring this energy to channels in the collector. Water passes through channels in the solar collector where it is heated. Water circulates between the collector and the tank until the water in the tank reaches the desired temperature.

The advantages of flat panel collectors are:

  • They work really well in tropical locations with hot temperatures.
  • They are reasonably priced
  • It’s a relatively simple technology that has stood the test of time and is low maintenance.
  • They provide significant energy cost saving and have low greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Most flat panel solar collectors are fitted with a gas or electric booster to ensure that there is hot water in colder weather or on cloudy days.
Premier Hiline 52C HR side (52C300-2NPT)

We supply and install Edwards, Bosch, Hills, Rheem and Rinnai flat panel systems.

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