These days, thanks to the internet, many people fancy themselves skilled enough to be their own in-house plumber.

While we love the enthusiasm, at Salmon Plumbing, sometimes we think there are bigger fish these people can fry. Especially when there are actual, qualified plumbers all around to assist with any issues!

Making sure you pick a qualified plumber over an online how-to article is especially important when it comes to certain appliances and home projects.

Without them and their knowledge, one wrong move can cost you a lot more than money – you could lose your home!

Check out which plumbing problems we think you should leave to the proFISHionals, below.

  1. Faulty hot water units.

When faced with a stone-cold shower, most people would be inclined to tamper with their hot water system for a quick fix.

However, make note, trying to repair a gas or electric hot water unit yourself is incredibly dangerous.

Not only can you cause more damage, but the combination of water and gas or electricity means that there are additional risks of electrocution or gas leaks.

  1. Underground water leaks.

When it comes to water leaks, most would be inclined to think all that’s required is a tightening of a fitting on a tap or a jiggle of the toilet handle.

However, that’s not always the best, or safest solution.

Some water leaks are invisible as they occur underground where cracks or breakages have formed in pipes. It is unsafe for homeowners to investigate these issues themselves as they risk making a problem worse without the right equipment or experience.  

  1. Gas leaks.

Gas leaks are even more dangerous than water as gas is combustible. This means that they pose a huge risk to you or your family when heat or fire is close by. Gas can also have detrimental impacts on the body if it is inhaled excessively.

Instead of fiddling with the dials on a stove or opening an oven to investigate the sudden smell of gas, you should call a gas fitter right away.

  1. Persistent drainage problems.

Everyone and their mother has got a strategy for removing a blockage from a drain – but what about when they don’t work?

If you regular solution isn’t getting rid of the problem, it may be a sign that something more sinister is at play further down in your plumbing system.

When this is the case, you need to call a plumber as they have the equipment, qualifications and expertise you need to successfully resolve the problem without causing further issues.

  1. Building a stormwater drainage system.

In Queensland, stormwater can be installed by unlicensed people and is not regularly inspected by building or plumbing inspectors.

So, it’s a favourite for home handymen and other unqualified people to try themselves…

Unfortunately, poor storm water system design and installation is one of the leading causes of home defects in Queensland and can cause $1000’s of in damage and even become hazardous to your health through mould and vermin infestation  

Make sure that you hire a plumbing professional to help you design, install and maintain your stormwater drainage system.

And if all else fails, call the most eFISHcient plumber this side of Brisbane!

The team at Salmon Plumbing are available around the clock to help you with any plumbing problems or enquiries.

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