5 Reasons You Should Replace the Old Galvanised Water Pipes in Your Home

Old galvanised pipe was used to plumb water into homes fifty years ago. Unfortunately, many homes still have these pipes as the source of their water lines to their home. Without a doubt, there can be issues within the plumbing of the home due to not updating these pipes to copper.

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Could Your Gutters Handle a Freak Hail Storm?

Could your gutters handle a freak hail storm? Is your water tank well maintained to ensure any overflow of water is stored in the tank?

Much of QLD is desperate need for a heavy downpour (or many) to fill water tanks and our dams to prevent water restrictions coming into place. Let alone the stress on our farmers and rural communities who rely on rain for their crops and general living.

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Don’t Go on Holidays This Christmas Without Checking your Flexible Hose Connections

There has been quite a lot of media attention on flexible hose connections and the damage they have been causing to homes when they burst. The media attention is warranted because the costs and inconvenience when facing this plumbing issue can be frustrating for home owners.

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5 Ways Your Plumber Can Help Drought-Proof Your Home

Brisbane can be the city of plenty and not enough water. But we aren’t doing it as bad as our regional towns and communities, who have been experiencing severe drought and are in desperate need for rain. Almost two-thirds of Queensland is in drought, and the lack of water supplies affects industries, agriculture and can impact personal lifestyles.

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5 Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks are a great way to save on your water bills. The collection of rainwater is a system that can be of great benefit to the environment. But any plumbing system that collects and stores water needs to be maintained, and the rainwater tank is one such system that is often out of sight, so out of mind.

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5 Reasons You Have No Hot Water

No one wants to start their morning with a cold shower, and certainly not during the peak of winter. It’s certainly and inconvenient occurrence to have no hot water right when you need it the most. So what is the cause and what can be done to fix it? Here are 5 reasons why you have no hot water and how they can be fixed.

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