Save your Brisbane property with effective storm water drainage

Storm water is perhaps the most ignored aspects of a building’s plumbing system, however, it is very often the cause of the most serious and expensive problems. That’s why we offer storm water solutions to the greater Brisbane area.


Common storm water drainage faults in Brisbane

Unfortunately storm water drainage is not effectively regulated in Queensland and is often installed by under qualified contractors with no knowledge of sizing or design.

Some of the most common storm water faults are:

  • Under sizing of pipe work. The most common mistake is using 90-mm storm water pipe in ground. This pipe is not large enough or strong enough for this application
  • Running of discharge to undersized rubble pits
  • Lack of fall or back fall
  • Undersized in-ground storm water sumps
  • Non-existent or poor waterproofing of retaining walls
  • Under sizing of spoon drains and grated drains
  • Lack of maintenance of storm water systems

Damage caused by poor storm water systems

The damage that poor storm water systems can cause is extensive, can seriously affect the condition and lifespan of buildings and building materials and thus increase maintenance costs. Because most storm water infrastructure is in-ground it can be expensive to fix.

As a plumber, seeing poor installations needing expensive repairs that would be unnecessary if just a little more effort and knowledge was applied at the time of installation is very frustrating. It can be even more frustrating seeing these mistakes compounded by substandard repairs.

Serious problems caused by poor storm water installations:

  • Water ingress in reactive soils can cause structural damage
  • Encourage termites
  • Erosion under slabs and around foundations
  • Erosion of gardens and pollution of pools
  • Damage to timbers and other building materials
  • Flooding
  • Water ingress into living areas through retaining walls
  • Damage to roof structures
  • Chocking of pipes and pits with soil and debris

Avoid drowning in a storm water damage bill

In Brisbane, with our unpredictable and heavy summer storms, it is important to perform regular storm water maintenance to protect your property from damage, including keeping storm water pits and drains clear.


Salmon Plumbing have high-pressure drain cleaning equipment than can quickly and effectively clear storm water systems and get them flowing to help prevent expensive flooding and damage to your property.

If you have a storm water system to be repaired, maintained or installed please call to see how we can help you get the best result.

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