The most common purpose of water pumps is to transport water through pressure or suction. Pumps are used in most plumbing solutions. Solar hot water systems, rainwater harvesting systems, trade waste management systems, all use pumps to divert water flow.

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Salmon Plumbing is the licensed installer for several quality brands of water pumps.


Onga has been servicing the Australian market with high-quality water pumps for just over 40 years. Starting out as a manufacturer of farm pumps, Onga’s range now encompasses specialist pumps for commercial and chemical usage, filters, swimming pool pumps and filtration systems.

Onga is now integrated into the Pentair group and has access to a global product portfolio.


Vada pumps are known to be tough and hardworking. The company makes several models – Multistage, Jet, Tank Flow etc., each best suited for a different use.


Davey is the largest Australian manufacturer of water pumps for household water supply. Their products bring water into, around and out of your home and garden, as well as filter and treat the water to make it safe to drink.

Every pump is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is fully tested prior to packing to ensure reliable operation from day one.


For over 25 years, Grundfos has been manufacturing pumps and pumping systems, which cover a wide range of applications across the entire water lifecycle – water supply, water transfer, water treatment and waste water.

Grundfos provides sustainable pumping solutions for the following:

  • facilitation of rainwater reuse in homes.
  • irrigation of parks and sports fields.
  • delivery of water to city hospitals.
  • equipment to factories producing food and beverage.
  • provision of clean and safe drinking water to cities.