Leaking Taps

Tap and toilet repairs around Brisbane aren’t a joking matter – the sound of that dripping tap late at night can be unbearable costing you precious sleep & money. A leaking hot tap will cost you both of those as well as the additional electricity to heat that wasted water. A slow drip can waste up to 1 litre of water per hour equating to approximately one bathtub of lost water per week, so if you have a leaking tap, call the professionals at Salmon Plumbing to get it fixed right.

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Although it may be tempting to try to fix it yourself & might appear to be easy, it isn’t always the case & can very quickly turn into a disaster. Always call a professional for tap or toilet repairs in Brisbane, because a simple mistake can prove very costly later. At Salmon Plumbing we:

  • Use purpose made, quality tools to undertake the repair
  • Are licensed, experienced professionals
  • Use only quality washers, o-rings & jumper valves on your taps
  • Always reseat existing tapware to ensure an effective seal between the jumper valve & seat
  • Flush out any swarf prior to completion

Salmon Plumbing uses & recommends an extensive range of quality tapware to cater for even the most fastidious buyer. Our plumbers carry a range common taps to be fitted on showers, basins, sinks, laundry tubs and baths. If you’d like an even wider choice, have a chat with our friendly team who can help you with your decision.

Do you have a dripping or leaking tap?

Use the drip calculators below to work out how much water your household is wasting.

Slow Dripping / Leaking Tap

Count the number of drips from your tap in one minute.

Fast Dripping / Leaking Tap

For drips faster than 5 drips per second, hold a measuring cup under the dripping tap and count how long it takes to fill up to 240ml.

Toilets & Cisterns

Salmon Plumbing’s experienced technicians carry an extensive range of parts to repair most common makes & models of toilet suites. This includes cistern isolation valves, service pipes, inlet valves, outlet washers & rubbers. In most cases, we can fix your toilet on the spot!

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We supply and install full toilet suites or just the cistern and toilet pan individually depending on your needs & the current installation. If you would like advice on tap and toilet repairs or replacement around Brisbane, call Salmon Plumbing today.