Storage Hot Water

Salmon Plumbing offers the complete range of Electric Hot Water Services throughout Brisbane, including brands such as Rheem, Aquamax, Everhot, Dux, Vulcan, Saxon and Rinnai. We service and repair all brands of electric hot water systems.

Sizes and volume are dictated by location and demand, however our range starts at tiny Zip instant systems for staff kitchens through to large 400+litre units for commercial use (or your really big family!).

Brand choice and size depends on a variety of factors and consideration needs to be given to cost, warranty (we have 5, 7 and 10 year warranty units) and dimensions.

Electric hot water systems can be installed in all homes and business around Brisbane, as previous legislation in Queensland making gas or solar hot water systems compulsory in some locations has been repealed.

Electric Hot water - Rheem Compact Electric 25 (111025)

Rheem Compact Electric 25 (111025) 

Electric Hot Water - Vulcan Electric 50L (691050)

Vulcan Electric 50L (691050)

Electric Hot water systems can be connected to a range of Electricity Tariffs (e.g. T11, T31 or T33) again dependent on demand etc however, electric units under 250 litres cannot be connected to Tariff 31. We can assist you with regard to the tariff that best suits your installation.

Rheem Family Product Image

Please call to discuss the best system for your needs and we can give you an accurate price over the phone, or contact us and we’ll get you back in hot water today.