With decades of experience in manufacturing world-class hot water systems, Rheem has developed a range of highly efficient heat pump hot water systems that save you money on water heating costs and contribute to a greener future for our planet

If you want to get the most out of your system, you need a skilled plumber to install it! Ensure the efficiency and longevity of your Rheem heat pump installation. Brisbane customers rely on Salmon Plumbing, the big fish of hot water efficiency.     

Introducing the NEW Rheem AmbiPower 180 Heat Pump

About Rheem Heat Pumps

Rheem, founded in 1925, has established itself as an industry leader with an extensive history of providing cutting-edge, high-quality heating and cooling solutions. When it comes to reliable hot water systems, Rheem is a trusted household name. 

Rheem hot water heat pumps are available in various models and capacities, catering to a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Whether you need a compact solution for a small home or a robust system for a large-scale commercial facility, Rheem has a heat pump to suit your specific requirements. 

Rheem heat pumps employ advanced technology to harness heat from the ambient air and transfer it to your water supply, substantially reducing the electricity needed for heating. This innovative approach guarantees your hot water system operates at peak efficiency, reducing water heating costs, and consequently, your carbon footprint. 

Why Install a Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water System?

In addition to their energy-saving benefits, Rheem heat pumps are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Manufactured using top-grade materials and components, these heat pumps are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver consistent performance over time.  

Rheem’s commitment to quality extends beyond their products, with comprehensive warranties and exceptional customer support. Other benefits include: 

Enjoy hot showers with Rheem heat pump hot water systems- available for domestic and commercial applications.

Quiet operation: Rheem heat pumps are engineered with noise reduction technology, ensuring quiet operation while maintaining efficiency.  

Intelligent controls: Rheem heat pumps come equipped with smart control systems that allow you to monitor and adjust settings for optimal performance and energy savings.  


Fast recovery rates: Rheem hot water systems boast impressive recovery rates, providing a steady supply of hot water even during periods of high demand. 

Trusted brand: With nearly a century of experience in the industry, Rheem has earned a stellar reputation for their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. 

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How Salmon Plumbing Can Help

As Master Plumbers in Brisbane for over 30 years, Salmon Plumbing have the training, technical expertise and product knowledge to help you choose, install, and maintain a Rheem heat pump hot water system so that you can enjoy optimal hot water performance and energy savings.  

We adhere to the highest industry standards and follow manufacturer guidelines to guarantee your Rheem heat pump’s best performance and longevity. Additionally, we prioritise safety and compliance with all relevant regulations during installation. 

Not sure if a Rheem heat pump is right for you? We also offer other top-of-the-line brands like Reclaim, Sanden and Apricus. Compare heat pump hot water systems and find the one that best suits your needs. 

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Fin-tastic Service with Salmon Plumbing

The Salmon Plumbing team offer fin-tastic customer service (see what we did there?), professional expertise, and a commitment to quality workmanship. Let us help you switch to an eco-friendly and energy-efficient hot water solution. 

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