With electric hot water being phased out, gas hot water systems have become the most commonly installed hot water these days. So if you have access to piped gas this is a good option to consider.

The advantages of gas hot water systems:

  • The running cost of hot water is lower.
  • They have lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • They are more energy efficient, especially the new 4-star and 5-star rated models.
  • Gas costs the same all day and does not have the time-of-day cost factor that electric heaters have.
  • Most models have both natural gas and LPG versions.
  • Same day installation is available in most cases.

Gas heaters come in two different varieties:

Storage Hot Water

         Rheem 5 Star Gas RHS (350265)                             Aquamax G340SS

       Rheem 5 Star Gas RHS (350265)                                       Aquamax G340SS

This is a storage tank that heats water with a gas source. Water is preheated and maintained at a designated temperature in the tank, so it is ready when needed.

Instantaneous Hot Water (Continuous Flow)

With Instantaneous Hot Water Units there is no storage unit, so water is not preheated. It heats water only when a hot water tap in the house is turned on. That means hot water never runs out, but it does have a high demand for gas while heating.

          Aquamax Continuous Flow 26L antique                           Rheem Continuous Flow 12L (876612-874612)

 Aquamax Continuous Flow 26L antique       Rheem Continuous Flow 12L (876612-874612)

The choice between a storage and instantaneous heater comes down to the cost and the number people in living in the dwelling.

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