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We’ve been offering a range of plumbing services for commercial and industrial enterprises across the Brisbane area, since 1991. We install and maintain plumbing solutions from well-known companies that have a proven track record and have built a good reputation in the commercial sector.

So whether you need a new hot water unit for your business, need to upgrade your shower facilites at your gym, or are looking for a comprehensive solution for your restaurant – we can help.  Get in Touch today!

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Commercial and Industrial enterprises often generate waste as a by-product of their manufacturing process. This includes chemicals, metals, detergent, grease and oil, and food scraps. This waste has to be adequately treated before it can be discharged into the sewerage system.

Salmon Plumbing offers a range of quality trade waste solutions to restaurants, hospitals and medical centres, chemical manufacturers and metal finishers from established trade waste product manufacturers like Fox, Everhard and Gerberit.

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Rainwater systems are very popular in Australia, and are a great commercial investment.  They are good for the environment and good for you. In areas with good rainfall, the savings on the water bill can be very significant. We install three different kinds of water tanks – plastic, stainless steel and the Eco Sac.

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Salmon Plumbing offers complete solutions in commercial hot water for schools, nursing homes, apartment complexes and retirement villages. We offer a variety of options such as gas, solar, electric and heat pump hot water.

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Pumps are used in several plumbing solutions such as rainwater systems, solar hot water, and trade waste management to divert the flow of water. Salmon Plumbing is the licenced installer for several quality brands of water pumps.

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