Complete Plumbing Services in Brisbane

Salmon Plumbing provides the complete range of plumbing services for residential and commercial buildings around Brisbane. Our highly skilled staff are very experienced and licensed to provide these services:

Blocked drains

This can be a health and safety hazard for your family and the environment and so it needs to be addressed urgently.

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As soon as we arrive, we will inspect your pipes with a camera, locate the source of the problem and give you a fixed price to remove the blockage.

We are well equipped with the Electric Eel, smaller drain cleaners, water jets, soda guns and augers to clear those difficult waste pipes around the home, kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

We can also record the condition of your drainage system with a camera and locator if you have persistent problems and are looking for a long-term solution.

Burst pipes

This is a high priority job and needs to be fixed swiftly.

It is important to take emergency measures like switching off the water mains, turning on the taps and turning off the power to contain damage to the structure.

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Our plumber will identify the source and cause of the leak, and will set out to replace the damaged pipe. If more preventive maintenance is required, he will give you the right advice.

Leaking taps and toilets

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What seems like a simple DIY job can become an expensive mistake. So we recommend that for a leaking tap, shower, dishwater or washing machine fitting, you call a qualified plumber. All our vans are well stocked, so we can change the washer, whatever the type or size, and if needed supply new taps.

Toilet repairs and replacement are covered under our 24/7, same day service.

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Salmon Plumbing vans carry an extensive array of parts to repair and service most commonly used makes and models of toilet suites. This includes cistern cocks, ball valves, and most cistern rubbers. In most cases, we can fix your toilet on the spot! No only do we repair leaking or blocked toilets or cisterns we can replace either the entire suite or just the cistern or pan.

Emergency plumbing

There is no better emergency plumbing service than ours in Brisbane! We are available 24/7 for all plumbing, hot water, drain or sewer problems.

Emergency calls are given priority over all other appointments so you can be assured of the fastest service possible. When you call us, our experienced customer service staff will establish the urgency and send an emergency plumber to you straight away.

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All our vans are equipped with satellite tracking which enables us to send you our closest plumber as fast as possible. These well-equipped vans carry all the necessary equipment – high-pressure water jetters, CCTV drain cameras and are well stocked with for repairs and replacements. And they are staffed by our Master Plumber, whose experience is indispensable in an emergency.

Emergency Plumbing Brisbane

Whatever your plumbing problems, we have the solution – contact us to discuss your needs.