Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Traditionally, solar water heaters have proven themselves to be the best renewable water heating alternative to gas and electric systems. While solar is still the most efficient way to heat water, heat pumps are in many cases a more practical solution, saving almost as much energy and green house gas emissions. Heat Pumps provide the following advantages.

  • Work day and night, as they don’t rely on sunlight to operate
  • Are an easy, ‘same day’ replacement water heater
  • Generate approximately the same savings all year round, independent of the weather
  • Are fully frost protected
  • Don’t use roof mounted panels, which reduces structural load on your roof and looks better too
  • Element Back-Up, unique to quality systems such as Rheem is the standard inclusion of a back up element. Designed to activate only during cold conditions, this feature ensures you always have hot water, particularly in cold weather when you need a hot shower most.
  • Salmon Plumbing offer a complete range of Heat Pump brands, installation styles (split or combination units) and capacities.

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