Even in a warmer climate like Brisbane, hot water is a necessity for our everyday lives.

We can service, repair or replace your hot water unit, and we offer a 24/7 emergency service.

In most cases, we can install a new hot water service on the day you call. In an emergency, we will provide a temporary system to cover you until we install your permanent unit.

Hot water systems come in many technologies, capacities, and models, each with their individual strengths, so it’s important to consider your situation before making a choice. Call us now and we will walk you through your options, and give you the right information and advice.

Salmon Plumbing offer gas, solar, electric and heat pump hot water systems.

  • Hot water service, repair, replacement
  • Supply the most energy efficient, cost effective unit for your needs
  • Save money on energy with the right units

We provide repair and replacement or upgrade services in the areas of:

  • instant hot water
  • solar hot water
  • heat pump hot water
  • continuous flow hot water
  • circulated hot water
  • hot water pumps
  • single sink hot water
  • gas storage hot water
  • hot water boosters
  • tempered hot water
  • electric instant hot water
  • electric storage hot water

Gas Hot Water

There are two main varieties of gas hot water unit.

  • Storage units store hot water until it is needed for use.
  • Continuous flow units heat the water as it is required (also known as instantaneous, or tankless).

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your water heating needs.

Rheem continuous flow water heater
Rheem 5 Star Gas (350265) Insitu

For both units, you can choose natural gas or LP bottled Gas depending on what’s available in your area.

Gas hot water units tend to have lower running costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Also, gas costs the same all day compared to electricity and the “off peak” times.

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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water units utilise radiant solar energy, to heat and store hot water for you home. There are two basic varieties – roof mounted where tank and panels are both on the roof, or low line where the tank is on the ground and the panels are on the roof.

There’s a few types of solar system – solar panels, evacuated tubes, gas boosters, electric booster.

Salmon Plumbing are a Rheem Solar Specialist, and can advise you on your best options, and costs.

Rheem Solar Hot Water Hiline (52L300) SS

Contact us to discuss your solar hot water needs.

Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water units are the most common form of hot water unit found around Brisbane. They are typically connected to main powers, and use a resistance element to heat the water.  Electric hot water units come in a range of sizes from 25 to 400L, they can be connected to standard and off peak tariffs, and also utilise power from rooftop solar PV (photovoltaic) panels .  Electric hot water units are most often the most economical solution, and when paired with the correct energy source, can provide cheap and efficient hot water heating.

Rheem Stellar Electric water heater
Salmon Plumbing Hot Shower Brisbane

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Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pump water units work like a refrigerator in reverse, absorbing heat from the air and vaporising the refrigerant which is then compressed.  The hot water runs through a network of pipes, and is then stored for your use.

The latest model heat pumps can save you up to 80% of your heating costs, and can be a great option depending on your needs.
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Rheem Ambiheat hot water