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Salmon Plumbing Team

If you need hot water now, take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service.

In most cases, we can install your hot water system on the day you call. If for some reason we can’t, we will install a temporary system to make sure you’ve got hot water until we install the permanent system.

Hot water systems come in many technologies, capacities and models, each with their strengths. It is important to consider your situation before making a choice. When you call us, we will walk you through your options, give you the right information and advice and provide a free quote.

Gas Hot Water

These come in two systems.

  • Storage units store hot water until it is needed for use.
  • Instantaneous units heat the water instantly, as it is required.

Storage Hot Water  Instant Hot Water

For both systems, customers have a choice of natural gas or LPG.

Solar Hot Water

If you are considering a solar hot water system, we offer a free onsite assessment. A qualified building professional will walk you through the various systems and help you choose one that best suit your property. Among the factors to consider are:
Premier Hiline 52C HR side (52C300-2NPT)

  • The size of the house and number of people living in it
  • Available roof space, orientation and construction
  • Local climate

Our quote will provide a cost comparison of different hot water systems as well as a running cost analysis.

Electric Hot Water

Storage Hot Water Instant Hot Water

Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat Pumps Heat Pumps

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