Burst pipes are a high priority emergency and should be fixed quickly by a licensed plumber.

It is important to take emergency measures like switching off the water mains, turning on the taps and turning off the power to contain damage to the structure.

burst pipes are a common plumbing emergency in Brisbane

Burst pipes in the home or workplace are one of the most common plumbing problems our emergency team attends to.

our emergency plumbers can find and fix your burst water pipe anywhere around Brisbane

Our plumber will identify the source and cause of the leak and set out to replace the damaged pipe.

Once we’ve resolved the emergency issue, if further preventive maintenance is required, our team will help you with the right advice.

Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons so it is essential that you take note of a few key points:

Isolation Valves – Make sure you know where the isolation valve is for your property. These are normally located just outside the property boundary in a domestic house, and may be in a number of different locations in unit or townhouse complexes. If you live in a unit or townhouse and are unsure of where to find your isolation valve, speak with the other residents or ask your body corporate. It is important that you know how to shut off your water in case of an emergency.

Preventative Maintenance – ongoing care and maintenance is often overlooked but can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Visually inspect any braided hoses that you may have connected to taps, toilets and washing machines. These can rust out and perish over time and are a major contributor to water leaks in properties. If yours are looking worse for wear call us ASAP.

Underground Pipework – Try to get an idea of where any underground pipe work runs across your property. A relaxing day in the garden can very quickly turn into a nightmare if your garden fork or crow bar finds its way through a pipe. You should also be aware of where any electrical or gas mains are located on your premises.

Know the Signs – Water leaks are not always a highly visible torrent of water gushing out from under a sink. Other signs could be constant wet and soggy patches around your yard, or water constantly running from your stormwater drain even when it hasn’t rained. These can signal an underground cracked or burst pipe. Stained or mouldy ceilings or damp carpets can also indicate a small leak and should be investigated further to find the cause.

Individual Isolation Valves – Ask us about installing individual isolation valves for your fixtures. A valve under your ensuite or family basin means that if one tap fails or service pipe bursts, you can isolate the water to that one fixture instead of shutting off the water supply to your entire property. This can remove the emergency from your situation, allowing you to schedule a more convenient time to have your repairs sorted.

What do I do if a pipe bursts on my property??

Do the following IMMEDIATELY:

Step 1: Switch off your water supply to the leaking pipe or fitting if one is available. If you can’t find it, switch off your main supply.

Step 2: If your leakage is in proximity to electrical appliances, it could become more hazardous, so switch off your electrical mains immediately.

While you are doing the above, have a second person call us, so that we can have a qualified plumber with the right equipment on his way immediately. We are on call for Brisbane plumbing emergencies 24/7, so you can count on us to be there.

Salmon Plumbing’s highly trained and experienced plumber will fix your leak and replace the damaged section of your pipe. We will also recommend solutions needed to remedy the root cause of your issue – such as water pressure from another object, obstructing tree roots, aging pipe work or valves.