Leaking roof in Brisbane? Get it fixed NOW

Brisbane’s weather is usually fairly calm, but we definitely have our share of storms and tropical donwpours. A small roof leak in a Brisbane storm season can become a major problem if it’s not fixed. Even one small drop of water dripping from the ceiling could have you running for a bucket during a downpour. It’s the problem every home owner dreads. A roof leak is basically rainwater getting through the weather-proofing of your roof and has the potential to inflict expensive damage to your home, particularly if heavy storms have also caused issues with your storm water.

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Finding the cause of your roof leak

It can be very challenging to find the cause of the leak. That is because the source rarely matches the spot the water is leaking through. The water may get in through one spot, then travel through crevices and leak out at a spot a considerable distance away.

Here are a couple of the most common causes of roof leaks:

  • Skylights and chimneys: While these are great additions to a house, their installation may compromise the waterproofing of your roof. Sometimes the capping of an old chimney cracks due to wear and tear and can cause the roof to leak.
  • Cracked flashing: This happens quite often. The flashing is waterproof material at the joints in the roof where two planes meet. These can develop cracks over time, allowing water to ingress. If this happens in a new roof, it indicates that the flashing was not detailed well.
  • Damage to the ridge capping: The ridge capping can get damaged due to high winds and rain and compromise the waterproofing of the house.
  • Compromised guttering: If your guttering is incorrectly installed or blocked, water can flow back up into the roof space, damaging roofing timbers, fascia boards.

We can find and fix the source of your leaking roof

If you have a roof leak around Brisbane, don’t waste time. Get a plumber immediately who can start looking for the source of the leak and plug it. At Salmon Plumbing we are open 24/7, so give us a call and we will be there at the earliest opportunity.