Congratulations on choosing a heat pump hot water system.  You’ll qualify for hot water upgrade rebates, and you’ll enjoy years of real savings on your water heating bills. 

So, which heat pump hot water works best for your family?  Let Salmon Plumbing, the Big Fish in Water Heating Efficiency guide you through the best options available in Australia.  We’ve already weeded out inferior systems and have carefully selected the four best heat pump hot water systems on the market.   

Compare Heat Pump Systems

Our Rating  Fish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fill
 Fish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fill
 Fish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fillFish with solid fill
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Savings Save up to 80% on water heating bills in Brisbane Save up to 73% on water heating bills in Brisbane Save up to 70% on water heating bills in Brisbane Save up to 80% on water heating bills in Brisbane 
Pricing Call Salmon Plumbing for Pricing Call Salmon Plumbing for Pricing Call Salmon Plumbing for Pricing Call Salmon Plumbing for Pricing 
Finance Options Zip Pay, Humm Zip Pay, Humm Zip Pay, Humm Reclaim Finance, Zip Pay, Humm 
Leading Model Sanden CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System  Rheem Ambiheat HDc270  (Rheem MPi325 Series II also available) Apricus All In One Heat Pump Hot Water Unit Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System 
Minimum Maintenance Schedule Annual activation of valve and 5 yearly full service Annual activation of valve and 5 yearly full service Annual activation of valve and 5 yearly full service Annual activation of valve. May require additional services in third year. 
Family Size 1-5 2-5 Up to 6 Small to XL tanks available 
Solar Power Compatible Yes Built in controllers to maximise solar energy efficiency  Built in controllers to maximise solar energy efficiency Designed especially for maximum solar power efficiency 
Tank Width 580 – 621mm 690mm 620mm 528 – 701 mm 
Company Cred 45 years in biz in Australia Household name in hot water Award winners Been in Brisbane for 15 Years 
Split/All in One Split – up to 15m between installation points (or 5m vertically) All In One All In One Split – up to 10m between installation points (5m vertically) 
Off Peak or Continuous Off peak available on larger models   Boost function for continuous hot water 
Capacity 4 Sizes  160 – 315L 270L 260L 160 – 400L 
Features Block out timers to ensure optimum usage. Insulation to combat leakage. Uses only 20% of the power of a standard system. Marine grade steel tanks. Will heat continuously if night drops below 3 degrees. Microchannel heating for faster water heating. Variable temperature controls for max efficiency. Well suited to hard water, aka Brisbane water.   Only one with Legionella Control built in. Unique top down heating to heat water faster. Glass or steel lined tanks. May need to be fitted with hard water softener device in Brisbane. Requires Anode replacement every three years in glass lined tanks.  
Best for demographic All family sizes, unit/townhouse models available Small to medium families (2-5 people) Up to 6 All family sizes, unit/ townhouse models available 
Warranty 6 years pump, 15 years tank 7 years cylinder, 3 years sealed system 6 years 6 years on pump, 15 on tank 
COP co-efficient of performance COP = 5  COP = 4.5 COP = 4.13 COP = 6.02 
Rebate level? STC Rebates   STC Rebates STC Rebates STC Rebates 
Availability Available Now Available Now   
Back Up Element for Emergencies? No Yes Yes No 
Split/Single Units Split Single Single Split unit 
 Noise 37 dB (about the volume of a whisper) 47 dB (about the volume of quiet talking) 43dB 37dB (about the volume of a whisper) 
Recovery Rate 
Up to 50% faster heat recovery  HIGH – Up to 90L per hour in Brisbane’s summer 65l/hr Top down design for faster heating 
Ease of use Smart Controller – app managed for efficiency  Touch screen LED display Set and forget Smart controller panel as standard – app for real time management available 
Manufactured in? Japan and Australia Australia Australia and China Japan and Australia 
Eco features Ozone friendly refrigerant  Micro Channel Technology Registered Clean Energy Provider. Uses natural, Ozone friendly refrigerant. Ozone friendly refrigerant 
Reputation  Leader in Australian industry Leader in Australian industry Established in 2005, a multi award winner for innovation and engineering.  Over a decade in the industry 
The Final Word from Our Heat Pump Experts The Sanden is great for efficiency lovers. If you’re someone who wants maximum control and reliability, who has a smart home and is eco-conscious, who understands ongoing savings and value, this is the right choice. Rheem is the 100% market leader and they’ve earned their reputation for service and accessibility.  Their units are contemporary looking and ideal for modern homes. Our top tip: The right installer makes all the difference. Apricus is a smart, tech driven company that is focused on eco-conscious smart living.  Their units are sleek and modern, and they have a reputation for innovation.  Suitable for large homes and commercial installations.  High water use. 

A note on installing heat pump hot water systems in Brisbane

Heat pump hot water systems need to be carefully installed for maximum efficiency.  If you’ve read reviews on heat pumps, you’ll see differing results and cost savings.  Generally, this isn’t about the system itself, it’s about the right heat pump hot water installer.  Placement and system set up will make all the difference to your water heating costs.  So, as we say in our cheesy commercials (yes, you know the ones) …. 

What to know before you choose a heat pump hot water system

Choosing the right heat pump hot water system is key to getting the maximum value from the product.  Got questions?  We’re always happy to help! 

What can I do if there’s a problem with my heat pump hot water system?

If in doubt, call out the trout!  Salmon Plumbing will always come to your rescue if there’s a problem.  By working with a trusted heat pump installer that’s been working in Brisbane for decades, you know that you’ll never be left high and dry (or cold and wet). 

What is CoP in hot water systems?

CoP is a heat pump’s Coefficient of Performance – a measurement of how efficient the system is at generating energy from electricity supply.  The higher the CoP rating, the more efficient the heat pump system.  A Coefficient of Performance score of 5, for example, means that the system will produce 5kW of heat energy from 1kW of electricity.  The CoP for individual brands of heat pump hot water systems will differ based on the piping, position, water usage and climate. The ratings listed above are Brisbane specific and may vary seasonally. You may wish to review heat pump hot water models for specific input and output levels before you buy.    Learn more about electricity consumption here

How many KWH does the average Brisbane family use?

On average, a four person household in Brisbane will use 1,921 kWh of electricity per quarter.  Around 35% of their power usage is for water heating.  Learn more here

What’s the most efficient set up for my heat pump hot water system timer? 

The most efficient setup is to have your heat pump operate during off-peak hours or when solar power is available. This ensures lower electricity costs and maximum efficiency. Additionally, setting the timer to align with your household’s hot water usage patterns ensures you’ll have hot water when you need it without wasting energy. 

Do heat pump hot water systems create electricity feed in?

No, heat pump hot water systems don’t generate electricity. They use electricity to extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water. 

How long do heat pump hot water systems last?

The quality of the install will impact the operational efficiency and longevity of your system. But you can expect between 10-18 years, depending on the quality of the system and regular maintenance.  Regular servicing will prolong the life of your heat pump hot water system. 

What size system do I need?

The size of the system depends on your household’s hot water usage and the number of occupants. A professional from Salmon Plumbing can assess your needs and recommend the perfect size for your home. Keep in mind that choosing the right size is crucial to ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and long-term savings on energy bills. 

What is the best heat pump to buy in Australia?

The best heat pump varies based on individual needs, budget, and preferences. Some top brands in Australia include Rheem, Apricus, Reclaim and Sanden. We can help you choose the ideal option for your specific requirements. It’s essential to consider factors such as warranty, performance, and customer support when making your decision. 

What is the best heat pump to buy in Brisbane?

Rheem, Apricus, Reclaim and Sanden are popular choices in Brisbane. Our team at Salmon Plumbing can guide you to the best fit for your home. 

Can I adjust temperatures on a heat pump hot water system?

Yes, most heat pump hot water systems have adjustable temperature settings. However, it’s best to consult your system’s manual or a professional before making any adjustments. 

How do I claim the heat pump hot water rebate?

Rebates vary by state and eligibility criteria. In general, to claim a rebate, you can check with your local government or energy provider for specific details and requirements. You need to keep all necessary documentation, including invoices and proof of installation, as these may be required for the rebate process. 

When you buy a hot water heat pump through Salmon Plumbing, you don’t need to worry about all the research. We are across all the current rebates, incentives and deals available and will take care of all the details and paperwork for you. 

Are heat pump hot water systems worth it in hot environments like Brisbane? 

Absolutely! Heat pump hot water systems are highly efficient in warm climates like Brisbane. They use less energy compared to traditional electric or gas systems, saving you money on energy bills. 

What is the most efficient heat pump hot water system on the market?

The most efficient systems typically come from reputable brands like Rheem, Sanden, Reclaim and Apricus. Efficiency can vary based on factors like installation, maintenance, and usage patterns. You can check the difference and compare brands by using our table above. 

What are the disadvantages of heat pump hot water systems?

Some potential drawbacks include higher upfront costs and occasional low levels of noise during operation. However, the long-term energy savings and environmental benefits often outweigh these concerns. Additionally, heat pump systems may take longer to heat water compared to gas or electric systems, but this can be mitigated by proper system sizing and timer settings. 

Are heat pump hot water systems reliable?

Yes, heat pump hot water systems are generally reliable, especially when installed and maintained by experienced professionals like Salmon Plumbing. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help extend the life of your system and ensure its efficiency, making it a reliable choice for your hot water needs. 

Where should a heat pump water heater be installed?

Heat pump water heaters should be installed in well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors, with ample space around the unit for proper airflow, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Can a heat pump water heater be installed outside?

Yes, most heat pump water heaters are designed to be installed outside, as they require good ventilation and airflow to operate efficiently. Our Sanden and Reclaim split systems allow for greater flexibility for install locations, including having the pump mounted on the wall or tanks installed inside.

How do you install a heat pump water heater?

Installation should be done by a licensed professional, like our team at Salmon Plumbing, to ensure proper setup, safety, and efficiency. The installation process typically involves site preparation, connecting the plumbing and electrical components, setting up the timer, and testing the system to ensure it’s working correctly. 

What are the heat pump water heater installation costs?

Installation costs can vary depending on factors like system size, location, and complexity. Contact Salmon Plumbing for a personalised quote.  In most circumstances the cost of installing a heat pump hot water system can be recouped in energy cost savings – many times over – over the lifetime of the pump. With electricty prices rising, you are looking at up to 15 years of ongoing savings – an excellent return on your initial investment in heat pump installation costs.

Can you run out of hot water with a heat pump system?

It’s possible to run out of hot water if your system isn’t sized correctly or if there’s unusually high demand. Proper sizing and usage can help avoid this issue. Additionally, using a timer to match your household’s hot water consumption patterns can ensure that hot water is available when needed without unnecessary energy consumption. Salmon Plumbing can help! 

How long do heat pump systems last?

Heat pump systems typically last between 10-15 years with regular maintenance and proper care. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, you should: 

  • Schedule an annual service to prevent problems and ensure optimal performance. 
  • Clean the filter periodically to improve efficiency and prolong the life of the system. 
  • Keep the area around the unit clear, making sure there is no debris or obstructions. 
  • Regularly check for signs of water leaks or unusual noises. 
  • If outdoors, consider a protective cover during extreme weather. 

How long does it take to install a heat pump water heater?

Installation time depends on the complexity of the job, but most installations can be completed within a day. If you need your heat pump water heater urgently, contact our team – we’re happy to discuss options. 

Why are heat pumps better than solar hot water?

Solar and heat pump hot water systems are all a step in the right cost saving and ecological direction.   However heat pump hot water systems are generally:

  • cheaper to install than solar hot water systems;
  • do not take up roof space that could be used for power generating solar PV panels;
  • deliver energy savings no matter what the weather and light conditions;
  • with the correct use of timers can deliver greater savings than solar hot water.

Why does everyone recommend heat pumps for new home builds?

As new home builders, you need to tick that box on meeting Building Code efficiency requirements and heat pumps ARE the leading edge in efficiency.  You’re buying something that will be in your home for up to two decades – so, it pays to get the most technologically advanced option now.  I mean, would you buy a car that uses Super fuel? 

How noisy is a heat pump? 

All the heat pump systems we install are quiet.  Yes, there are definitely heat pump systems on the market that are loud.  Annoyingly so.  We don’t supply those at Salmon Plumbing because nobody wants to listen to the dulcet tones of a water heater all night.  Unit noise is one of the most underestimated factors in this purchase process and you’ll see plenty of heat pump hot water reviews that focus solely on the noise levels! 

What is the quietest heat pump system?

Sanden or Reclaim are the quietest heat pump systems and receive the most positive reviews.  Sanden and Reclaim systems are also “split systems” so there is flexibility to put the outdoor components in the quietest spot.   

How big a heat pump hot water system do I need?

The general rule is to choose a water tank that holds 50 litres of water per person per day. If you’ve got house guests or one of those teens that uses ALL THE HOT WATER, you may wish to choose a system that is fast to heat, so that Miss 14 can continue to imitate Taylor Swift for an hour every night. 

What’s the difference between a ground source (geothermal) water source heat pump and an air source heat pump?  Which can I buy in Australia?

Ground source heat pump systems use heat stored in the earth to transfer into hot water.  Most of the heat pump hot water systems in Australia are air source heat pumps.  Step outside in summer in Brisbane and you’ll understand how air source heat pumps are sufficient for our environment! 

Do heat pump hot water systems need regular servicing?

Yes, all hot water systems should be serviced regularly, heat pump, gas or electric.  You should have your system serviced annually to ensure there’s no particle build up that could be damaging the system, and to identify any deteriorating parts.  Some heat pump systems have built in (or added on) water softeners.  These will require replacing every three years. 

Does Salmon Plumbing take my old tank away?

Yes, we take your old electric hot water tank (and solar hot water panels if required) for disposal at a recycling facility. 

Want to know more about heat pump water heater technology? Talk to the Big Fish of hot water efficiency, Salmon Plumbing.