Queensland households are now eligible for big rebates on solar and heat pump hot water.

With Only 1500 Rebates Available Across Queensland You Must Apply NOW

UPDATED: The clock is ticking on locking in your energy-efficient appliance rebate. Appliances must be purchased AND installed by 4 December 2023 and applications lodged within 30 days.

The Queensland Government Climate Smart Energy Savers Scheme is coming to an end soon.  Successful applicants will receive up to a thousand dollars back on energy-efficient solar and heat pump hot water system installations.  This is in addition to federal government SSTC rebates and manufacturer cash-back offers. It all adds up to a never-to-be-seen-again deal on solar and heat pump hot water!

Just 1500 Queensland Government rebates will be granted for hot water systems. 

These will “sell out” quickly.

Salmon Plumbing has all the details right here on how to get your rebate.

Queensland Government Rebate - hundreds of dollars worth of savings back to the resident.

How to Apply for the Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate Scheme

In addition to the federal government scheme and the cost of living scheme for low-income households, the new Climate Smart Energy Saver Scheme will provide SIZABLE rebates to Queenslanders.  For a very limited time, you will be able to claim an ADDITIONAL $800 – $1000 on heat pump hot water installation

  1. Choose your new Solar or Heat Pump Hot Water System (See Our Comprehensive guide to Australia’s Leading Heat Pump Models here.)
  2. Complete Your Order – Call (07) 3862 2600 or get in touch now.
  3. Get your application in. We’ll provide you with your paperwork so you can get in fast and file your Queensland Government Rebate application.
  4. Claim further rebates. We’ll handle your federal government Small Scale Technology Certificate rebate application. You get even bigger savings, with zero paperwork.
  5. Claim a further $250 – $500 cash back! As a leading Brisbane Plumber, our clients may be eligible for additional cash-back offers, of up to $500 on leading names like Rheem, Apricus, Reclaim, and Sandon. We’ll sort your claim for you.
  6. Get it Installed. Our experienced, reliable team will install your brand-new solar or heat pump hot water system.
  7. Enjoy your steaming hot water and smaller bills!

Claim your never-to-be-seen-again deal on Australia’s leading Heat Pump Hot Water systems now. Before the rebates run out.

What you need to know about the Queensland Government Hot Water Rebates

What does this mean for your new hot water system? 

  • The scheme is strictly first come, first serve and may “sell out” quickly it’s vital to order your heat pump hot water system NOW.
  • Installation must be done by a qualified plumber and for maximum ongoing cost savings, a qualified plumber with experience in heat pump hot water installation.
  • We may see a shortage in supply.
  • We may see an influx of inferior heat pump hot water systems flood the market (and possibly a few homes) so it’s vital to order the right, quality heat pump system now.  See our comprehensive guide to choosing the right heat pump.
  • The details of the scheme are still being released.  To ensure you don’t miss out, you should book your installation for September NOW.

Contact Us NOW to Avoid Missing Out

What about the Federal Government rebate and the cash back offers?

Beyond the Queensland Government’s rebate, right now there are even more incentives to install a heat pump hot water system, including the Federal Government’s Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Rebate and Salmon Plumbing’s cash back* offers. While the Federal Goverment’s STC is not a flat dollar value and the exact amount you’ll get back will vary – the maximum is around a thousand dollars for eligible parties.   Find out more here.

Heat pump hot water rebates without doing paperwork!

Salmon Plumbing is authorised to calculate and submit your Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme paperwork for you.  So, you simply choose the right heat pump hot water system for your family and we’ll take care of the government.  We’ll knock the rebate off the installation price and, if you book your installation RIGHT NOW, we’ll give you $250 cash back* on your heat pump system. 

Call the team on 3862 2600 to claim your $250 cash back* and hot water heat pump rebates. 

*T&Cs apply. Cash back limited to one per customer. Limited time only.