Queensland Households – Install a new Heat Pump Hot Water System today and access the Federal Government’s STC Homeowner Rebate. 

Up to $3,700 in Small Scale Technology Certificates available on eligible energy efficient household installations right now. 

Salmon Plumbing has all the details right here on how to get your STC Credits.

UPDATED: June 2024

Queensland Government Rebate - hundreds of dollars worth of savings back to the resident.

How to Apply for the Federal Government STC Credits on Hot Water

  1. Choose your new Solar or Heat Pump Hot Water System (See Our Comprehensive guide to Australia’s Leading Heat Pump Models here.)
  2. Complete Your Order – Call (07) 3862 2600 or get in touch now.
  3. Claim Your STC Credits . Let Salmon Plumbing take care of the STC paperwork for you and apply the credits against the cost of your new eligible energy efficient hot water system for instant savings.
  4. Get it Installed. Our experienced, reliable team will install your brand-new solar or heat pump hot water system.
  5. Enjoy your steaming hot water and smaller bills!

Install a Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water System before 30 July 2024 for even more savings 

Save even more on your new heat pump hot water system. Right now, when Salmon Plumbing replaces your old hot water heater with a Rheem Heat Pump water heater you can save between $250* and $350* on your new hot water unit. Get in quick before the offer ends on 30 July 2024. 

Lock in your savings on Australia’s leading Heat Pump Hot Water systems now.

Heat pump hot water rebates without doing paperwork!

No Government Paperwork – Salmon Plumbing is authorised to calculate and submit your Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme paperwork for you.  So, you simply choose the right heat pump hot water system for your family and we’ll take care of the government.  We’ll knock the STC rebate credits off the installation price for instant installation savings for you. 

No Manufacturers Paperwork – No fiddly manufacturer cash back paperwork to be submitted to the manufacturer for processing.  We can offer you the manufacturer savings straight off the price of your new Rheem heat pump hot water system installed before 30 July 2024.  

Call the team on 3862 2600 and find out how you can maximise the savings on your new heat pump hot water system 

*T&Cs apply. Savings on new Rheem Solar or Heat Pump water heater and is not a cashback offer.