Apply Now for Queensland Government Hot Water Rebates

Queensland households are now eligible for big rebates on solar and heat pump hot water.

With Only 1500 Rebates Available Across Queensland You Must Apply NOW

UPDATED: The clock is ticking on locking in your energy-efficient appliance rebate. Appliances must be purchased AND installed by 4 December 2023 and applications lodged within 30 days.

The Queensland Government Climate Smart Energy Savers Scheme is coming to an end soon.  Successful applicants will receive up to a thousand dollars back on energy-efficient solar and heat pump hot water system installations.  This is in addition to federal government SSTC rebates and manufacturer cash-back offers. It all adds up to a never-to-be-seen-again deal on solar and heat pump hot water!

Just 1500 Queensland Government rebates will be granted for hot water systems. 

These will “sell out” quickly.

Salmon Plumbing has all the details right here on how to get your rebate.

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How to Apply for Heat Pump Rebates in Queensland

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider applying for a hot water government rebate when you purchase and install a heat pump. Whether your goal is to receive significant financial savings via a partial refund or discount or to align yourselves more closely to the environmental benefits and cost-effective heating solutions that heat pumps provide, here is your essential guide to applying for your hot water rebate.

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