There are plenty of reasons why you should consider applying for a hot water government rebate when you purchase and install a heat pump. Whether your goal is to receive significant financial savings via a partial refund or discount or to align yourselves more closely to the environmental benefits and cost-effective heating solutions that heat pumps provide, here is your essential guide to applying for your hot water rebate.

Hook a hot water heat pump rebate - how to apply in Queensland

Research your local area hot water system rebates

Don’t worry if you missed out on the recent Queensland Government Climate Smart Energy Savers Scheme. There may still be rebates available to you. While New South Wales residents enjoy multiple rebates for heat pump hot water systems, Queenslanders rely on the Federal Government Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate… which isn’t really a rebate.  It’s a “green energy token.”  The difference? It means that the Small-scale Technology Certificate Rebate is not a flat dollar value. The exact amount you’ll get back will vary – but the maximum is around a thousand dollars. 

Eligibility criteria for rebates on your hot water system

Regardless of the advice you receive from friends, family, and even online reviews, make sure you familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria of the rebate program ahead of time. There can be loopholes that are hard to spot. Sometimes these relate to the specific requirements for heat pump hot water systems themselves, and other times it could be based on your residential status, income, or even your property type.   

You can view the rebate calculator here but your heat pump hot water installer will offer specific advice on what you can and cannot qualify for under the scheme. 

Compare heat pump products and get quotes

Not all heat pumps are the same so take time to compare heat pump hot water systems. When you’ve narrowed down which pumps are rebate applicable, it’s time to take a deep dive into their specifications and benefits to ensure you’re getting the most effective and efficient solution.  

While solar is a very effective way to heat water, a heat pump hot water system can offer more practical solutions when it comes to saving energy and minimising emissions.  You can integrate your heat pump and solar systems to save on bills – and on emissions. And as always, shop around. Expertise and reputation are just as important as price! 

Preparing paperwork to claim your heat pump rebate

As with all rebate applications, there is paperwork that needs to be completed. Typically this includes proof of purchase, product specifications, installation invoices, and any other documentation outlined by the rebate program. To be certain what you need to claim your rebate, consult the specific rebate program’s guidelines or chat with your chosen plumber for the all-important comprehensive list of required documents. Preparation is essential to ensuring a speedy process and avoiding unnecessary delays. 

Heat pump hot water rebates without doing paperwork!

Salmon Plumbing is authorised to calculate and submit your Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme paperwork for you.  So, you simply choose the right heat pump hot water system for your family and we’ll take care of the government.  We’ll knock the rebate off the installation price and, if you book your installation RIGHT NOW, we’ll give you $250 cash back* on your heat pump system. 

Why professional heat pump installation matters

Just as important as the choice of heat pump hot water system and the application process for the rebate, the installation must comply with stringent regulations. To be guaranteed it is installed following the manufacturer’s instructions and adheres to safety standards, installation by a qualified professional is required. This will maximise the efficiency of your heat pump hot water system and ensure you meet conditions of the rebate application.  

With Salmon Plumbing, you will:  

  • Maximise your rebate with minimal paperwork.   
  • Maximise your installation with minimal disruption to your day.   
  • Maximise your heat pump hot water system to minimise your carbon footprint. 
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