And the winner is … John Salmon!

We always knew our very own John Salmon was a well-regarded professional in the Brisbane plumbing industry – but it’s nice to see him making a ‘splash’ with this prestigious award! John’s been awarded the 2023 MPAQ President’s Award by the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland.

Master Plumbers Association of Queensland Award Winner.

The award recognises someone who has made significant contributions to the plumbing and gas industry through their leadership, training, mentoring, or development, as well as their contributions to the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland.

Award Winning Plumber and Industry Leader

John has been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years. His career began back in 1985 when he started his plumbing apprenticeship. Since then, he’s worked hard to build his business and make his mark on the plumbing industry. This dedication and hard work have certainly paid off.

Not only is John loaded up with terrible fish puns and drainage jokes, but he’s also contributed a great deal to the plumbing industry. He’s served in various roles such as Treasurer and Chair of SCRF and was even instrumental in developing the Charge-out Rate Calculator which is widely used by plumbers across Queensland. He’s also championed sustainability initiatives like the PVC Recycling Scheme which has helped reduce the environmental impact of the plumbing industry.

Besides being an industry leader, John Salmon is known as the best plumber Brisbane has to offer. And through Salmon Plumbing, he’s been providing top-quality plumbing services to residents and businesses in Brisbane for years. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he has built a reputation for delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service.

Recognition for the Master Plumber Brisbane Trusts Most

Winning this award is a major achievement for John as a Brisbane Master Plumber.

He has set a high bar for other plumbers to follow with his award-winning plumbing services and leadership skills. He’s made some exceptional contributions to the plumbing industry in Queensland, and he deserves some major props.

The award also reminds us how important it is to recognise and celebrate people who make a significant impact on their industry. It’s inspiring to see how one person’s hard work can make such a huge difference.

So, we’re giving a big shoutout to John for this well-deserved recognition. Congratulations!! We’re proud to be part of the Salmon Plumbing team.