The Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber in North Brisbane Have Changed – Here’s Why

We’ve been in the plumbing business for over 30 years, and as the emergency plumber North Brisbane homeowners call when things go wrong, we’ve dealt with thousands of emergency callouts. In the last decade or so, we’ve noticed the reasons homeowners call an emergency plumber in North Brisbane have changed.

Emergency plumber working in North Brisbane home, fixing undersink drain

Since 2011, there’s been an increase in major weather events in North Brisbane such as storms, heavy rainfall, and flooding. These extreme weather events can put additional pressure on a home’s plumbing system. Left unchecked, homeowners can find themselves panic googling ‘emergency plumber North Brisbane’ when hidden issues bring a flood of plumbing problems.

Read on to discover which plumbing issues we’re getting more callouts for and how you can avoid emergency calls to your North Brisbane plumber.

More Blocked Drains

With only 11 years between the two major flood events in Brisbane in 2011 and 2022, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in blocked drain emergencies. Every time there’s a heavy downpour or a flood, your drains take a hit.  After so many rain events, North Brisbane’s drainage is limping.

More Roof Plumbing

Nothing ages a roof faster than regular hard weather – and metal roofs can be especially prone to weather damage. It only takes a small flaw in a metal roof for corrosion to set in.  Similarly, a single cracked tile can allow water inundation into your ceiling.  After more than a decade of heavy rain events and freak winds from storm cells, emergency plumbers in North Brisbane are noticing more callouts for roof leak repairs.

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More Preventative Plumbing

Like many major Australian cities, the Brisbane property market has seen extraordinary growth since the pandemic. Despite the recent extreme weather events, buyers continue to purchase properties in known flood zones. To combat further flooding issues, many North Brisbane homeowners are turning to preventative measures such as improving or upgrading stormwater drainage and pump systems to minimise flood impact. 

More Relinings

Plumbing issues can also arise during unseasonably dry years. Periods of high rainfall allow trees to develop big, healthy root systems. When a relatively dry period follows, those thirsty roots go looking for water to support their growth. A cracked pipe or drain makes for an excellent water supply. Rather than digging up your whole backyard to replace whole pipes and drains, relining damaged pipes and drains is the cheaper way to repair cracks and breaks without major disruption to your property.

Rainwater Tank Removals and Replacements

It’s been 15 years since the government introduced rainwater tank incentives.  Most rainwater tanks should last 20-30 years, but unfortunately, some of those tanks weren’t made to last. Consequently, we’re receiving more plumber callouts for split and deteriorating rainwater tanks in North Brisbane. 

Removing an old, damaged tank and disposing of it yourself can be tricky which is why we offer a crane truck service to pull them out and take them away.  

Book Plumbing Maintenance with the Plumber North Brisbane Trusts

To avoid a potentially costly call to an emergency plumber, North Brisbane homeowners should make plumbing maintenance a priority, particularly after a storm, heavy rainfall, or flooding. A licensed Master Plumber can check for:

  • drainage and septic overflows
  • silted or blocked drains
  • damage to gas regulators and pipework
  • damage to solar panels
  • roof or skylight damage
  • water tank contamination

Don’t wait for disaster! Get a plumbing health check with the plumber North Brisbane homeowners rely on. Contact Salmon Plumbing today.

Now Installing: Your Filtered, Boiling Chilled and Sparkling Water Tap at Home

Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a contemporary, Instagram-worthy makeover, or simply want to save time and money, installing an instant boiling and chilled water tap in your home can have many benefits. Once thought of as a luxury item, taps that give instant boiling, chilled, and even sparkling water are fast becoming the must-have fitting for Brisbane homeowners looking for stylish tapware that’s both innovative and energy efficient.

The great news is that Salmon Plumbing can help you choose and install the perfect instant all-in-one boiling, chilled and sparkling water tap for your kitchen.

Modern kitchen with boiling and chilled water tap in kitchen island

The Benefits of Installing an All-In-One Water Dispenser

Still not sure if it’s the right choice for you? Let’s look at the many benefits of having an all-in-one boiling, chilled and sparkling water tap.

Time Saving with Instant Boiling and Chilled Water on Tap

Waiting around for the kettle or a saucepan of water to boil is a thing of the past when you have boiling water at the touch of a button. Whether you’re making a cuppa, cooking dinner, or sterilising bottles for your hungry baby, you’ll love the time-saving benefits of having boiling water in an instant.

Similarly, having a chilled water dispenser on tap in your kitchen negates the need to fill and keep bulky water jugs in your fridge, or wait for ice cubes to freeze. You can enjoy refreshing, ice-cold water any time you like. You can even adjust the temperature to your exact liking from 6°C up to 15°C.

Space Saving

Not only can you declutter your kitchen bench by saying goodbye to your kettle, but you’ll also love the space-saving design of new boiling and chilled water taps that, unlike others on the market, don’t take up a huge amount of under-sink space, making them perfect for units and townhouses. With a sparkling water tap on hand, you can stop stocking up your fridge with plastic bottles full of fizz. That’s great for entertaining, and even better for the environment!

Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Boiling water taps and chilled water taps feature heat exchange technology for energy efficiency, water-cooled technology that cools water efficiently, and standby mode to conserve energy. Plus, they minimise water wastage, as you only use what you need!

Filtered, chilled and sparkling water from all-in-one dispenser tap installed in kitchen

Premium Filter

Want better tasting, cleaner water? Of course you do! Renovating the kitchen to include a tap that gives you instantaneously boiling, chilled and sparkling water means that you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a premium filter that removes sediment, chemicals, minerals, parasitic cysts, and lead from your family’s drinking water.

Boiling Water Taps for Child Safety

If the idea of having boiling water on tap appeals to you but you are concerned that it could pose a hazard to small children or vulnerable people in your home, fear not. These innovative taps are far safer than having a full boiling kettle sitting on your bench or stovetop. Instant boiling water taps come fitted with safety features to protect your loved ones so that they can’t be accidentally turned on. Additionally, they run at a low pressure to prevent boiling water from splashing back and scalding users.

Give Your Kitchen a Sleek, Contemporary Feel

The best kitchen renovations couple functionality with timeless aesthetic appeal – and all-in-one dispenser taps offer both. With a range of stylish designs and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your décor and kitchen aesthetic.

To find out more about installing a boiling and chilled water tap in your kitchen, get in touch with Salmon Plumbing today.

Help! I’ve Done My Own Dodgy Plumbing Work – Will My Insurance Cover Me?

So you’re a fan of home renovation shows and DIY plumbing videos? Who wouldn’t be? There’s nothing more satisfying than dealing with home maintenance yourself – and you can really save a buck. Right?

Don’t be so sure!

Plumbing is a licensed trade and plumbers carry their own insurance for a reason – what looks simple on the screen can go wrong in a whole lot of ways, especially when enthusiastic but unqualified DIYers pick up the tools.

So take a step back for a moment and consider the ramifications of what could happen if things don’t go according to plan. Some jobs should be left to the experts – and your home plumbing system is one of them.

Insurance claim denied - Your home insurance will not likely cover dodgy diy plumbing work.

What about minor DIY plumbing?

Have you ever changed a washer and heard banging in your walls afterwards? That’s called water hammer, an issue that many optimistic DIY plumbers have learned about the hard way. When you hear that noise after turning off a tap, the entire pipe network is shaking, loosening it up and risking a burst wall pipe.

Even the simplest plumbing jobs can cause major headaches when not undertaken by qualified professionals. Let’s not even get started on what happens if someone is injured as a result of your work.

What will DIY plumbing cost you?

When it comes to DIY plumbing, it’s worth remembering that if you mess it up, the proverbial you-know-what can hit the fan fast. And if it does, whatever money you saved in DIY skills might end up costing way more in repairs.

Yes, we’re Master Plumbers with decades of experience so it’s only natural that we think you should avoid DIY plumbing – and if you read the policy fine print, you’ll find that in most cases, your insurance company agrees.

It’s not just a case of comparing your skills to that of a professional plumber. Your plumber has insurance for their workmanship so in the event that they make a mistake, their insurance will cover it. Your home insurance is likely to have clauses related to DIY work – so if they suspect you could be responsible for damage, your claim could be denied.

Think you’ll be able to hide the fact that you’ve fiddled with the plumbing yourself? Unlikely. Your insurance company will send an assessor to investigate the damage to your home and determine the cause of the incident. If dodgy DIY is discovered, you’ll be liable for the damage. If in doubt, we recommend digging out your home insurance policy and checking all those terms and conditions.

Don’t risk it

While the temptation to tackle a plumbing issue yourself to save time and money is understandable, it’s rarely the smart option and could end up costing you dearly in the long run.

It’s also worth noting that plumbing is a licensed trade in Australia. This means, with a few exceptions, a valid plumbing license is required before you can undertake plumbing work. These regulations aim to protect the community’s health and safety standards by ensuring plumbing disasters don’t occur.

So, before attempting any DIY plumbing, it is crucial to determine what you are legally allowed to do, and when you need to call in the help of a licensed plumber.

Preserve your home’s value, avoid a costly disaster, and leave the plumbing work to Salmon Plumbing.

The Real Cost of a Free Quote

Got a water drama and looking for free plumber quotes? When it comes to household maintenance and repairs, the prospect of a free quote can seem enticing. Plumbing problems always seem to arise at the worst possible time and it’s natural to want to save money by comparing repair quotes from several tradespeople. However, plumbing quotes aren’t the same as new car quotes where you can simply call several dealerships to find out who is offering the best price.

To properly quote you, a plumber must attend your home or business to thoroughly assess the problem. That takes time and expertise – and very few tradespeople can afford to offer their time and expertise at no charge. So when seeking plumber free quotes, it’s important to understand what the true cost may be.

Plumber quoting on a leaking shower. Beware of plumber free quotes as the true cost can be higher than you think.

What’s involved in getting a plumbing quote?

Comparing the price of retail products is relatively simple. Let’s say you’re shopping for a TV. You can visit the websites of every retailer selling the brand and model you want and easily compare prices. If you’re good at haggling, you might go one step further and contact each retailer to ask for their best quote. As the consumer, you can gather quotes from as many retailers as you like and providing this quote costs those retailers nothing.

Obtaining a plumbing quote is very different. A plumbing professional uses their training and expertise to accurately diagnose and quote the necessary services. For instance, if you’re having problems with your hot water system, many variables could be causing the issue. From minor repairs to major faults, each job will vary in complexity. This makes a sight-unseen “ballpark quote” impossible to give.

To accurately quote your plumbing job, the plumber will need to:

  • travel to the site
  • conduct a thorough inspection to assess the problem
  • diagnose the actual cause (this may not be as straightforward as you think)
  • engineer a solution
  • determine the cost of the solution in terms of parts and labour required.

So are plumber free quotes actually free?

When skilled tradespeople offer free quotes, it’s reasonable to assume that they will recoup the cost of the initial callout in one way or another. There are typically two ways they might do this.

1. Higher Rates

When a callout and quote are provided for free, the tradesperson recoups their time via the quote provided – typically through higher rates on parts and labour.

2. Basic Assessment

To minimise their unpaid time, the tradesperson conducts a brief and superficial exploration of your problem. Without a proper assessment, the tradesperson may err on the side of caution by:

  • quoting for the worst-case scenario to ensure all potential parts and labour are covered (even though it may turn out that the problem is much less serious)
  • providing a quote with many exclusions or quoting for services that provide a bandaid solution rather than a permanent fix.

Pitfalls of fixed prices

Fixed-price work often sets the cost at the maximum possible rate for completing the job, regardless of its complexity. This approach may lead to premium pricing even for straightforward tasks like unblocking drains. Additionally, fixed-price quotes often come with exclusions, potentially resulting in unexpected costs as the project progresses.

Woman shocked at overrun on price of plumber's free quote.  Read exclusions carefully.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

The hidden costs of cheap quotes

Tight purse strings may make a cheaper quote look enticing but beware plumber free quotes. You might find you get what you pay for!

A comprehensive quote not only outlines the scope of work but also highlights potential exclusions and additional trades that may be required to complete the job effectively. A comprehensive quote gives you the complete picture so that you can make an informed decision.

The cost of providing a thorough assessment and transparent quote is not insignificant. Tradespeople invest time and resources into understanding the problem thoroughly and presenting viable solutions. After all, they are the experts and that is why you’ve called on them.

So invest in thoroughness and request a comprehensive quote from Brisbane’s favourite big fish! Call Salmon Plumbing today on (07) 3862 2600.

Before You Go – Your Homeowner Holiday Checklist

You’ve found your ultimate holiday destination. The accommodation is booked, your suitcase is packed and it’s almost holiday time! But before you head off on a well-earned break, be sure to complete our homeowner holiday checklist. The last thing you want is to come home from some much-needed R&R to find your home flooded from a busted pipe or tap. Here are our top tips to get your house holiday ready and number three could save you hundreds of thousands in water damage!

Holiday Checklist - add preventative plumbing emergency measures to your list.

Plumbing Dramas Always Happen When You’re Away

Several things can potentially go wrong with pipes, especially if preventive measures haven’t been taken. Here are some common issues:

  • Burst Pipes: If the temperature drops or increases significantly while you are away pipes can burst. This can lead to extensive water damage throughout the home.
  • Leaking Pipes: Even if pipes don’t burst, they can develop leaks over time due to corrosion, wear and tear, or pressure buildup. These leaks can lead to mould growth if left unchecked.
  • Clogged Drains: If drains are partially clogged before you leave, they may become fully blocked while you’re away, leading to backups and potential water damage.
  • Appliance Malfunctions: Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers can develop leaks or malfunction.
  • Tree Root Intrusion: If you have outdoor pipes, tree roots can grow into them, causing blockages, leaks, or even pipe ruptures.
  • Gutters and Stormwater Drains: Damaged and blocked roof gutters, downpipes and stormwater pits and drains can lead to water flowing into your home unseen during a storm.

Be Prepared with Our Homeowner Holiday Checklist 

Taking the time to perform a thorough inspection of your home to address any potential issues can help prevent plumbing emergencies and water damage during your absence, plus give you peace of mind while you’re away. The great news is there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your risk:

  1. Check your hot water system for leaks. Test the hot water unit’s valves and make sure they are working correctly.
  2. Investigate if your hot water heat pumps have holiday modes on the electric timers. If yes, set the timers to holiday mode.
  3. Inspect the flexible water connections underneath fixtures such as the kitchen and bathroom taps. If they are older than 5 years, we recommend that you change them before you leave home for an extended period. For your safety, these parts should be changed every 5 years.
  4. Test for dripping taps and leaking toilets.
  5. Clean out the roof gutters on your house and make sure the stormwater is running well. Keeping gutters, downpipes and stormwater pits and drains clear will help mitigate the risk of damage caused by a storm while you are away.
  6. If you are aware of some small ‘plumbing issues,’ don’t delay. Get them fixed before you go, to avoid a costly surprise on your return.
  7. Ask a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member to check on your home periodically while you’re away. They can ensure that everything is in order and address any issues that may arise, including plumbing emergencies.
Running kitchen tap into sink.  Running your taps to clear stagnant water and fill p-traps is a plumber's hot tip post holidays.
Photo by


When you get home from your holiday, go around the house and turn on every tap/water source. This is important because:

  1. Water has been sitting in your pipes for an extended period and is likely stale. This water will have begun to absorb minerals from the pipes and bacteria may have started to flourish. Be sure that you do not use the stagnant water to wash or drink.
  2. Running the taps also flushes and fills the pipe traps. While you were away, the water in the pipes can evaporate in the drains and traps, allowing smelly sewer gases into your home.

Holiday with Confidence

The cost of repairing leaking pipes in houses can vary widely depending on several factors, including the severity of the leak, the location of the pipes, accessibility, and the extent of damage. By taking these precautions before going on holidays, you can minimise the risk of coming home to plumbing issues and water damage. It’s always better to be proactive and prevent problems before they occur.

For the best advice on pipes and drainage, you can rely on the Salmon Plumbing team. From blocked drains and burst pipes to roof leaks and emergencies, we can meet your plumbing needs – day or night.

Contact Salmon Plumbing for expert plumbing advice. Call 07 3862 2600 for fast emergency plumbing services.

Is Mould or Mildew in Your Home a Sign of an Imminent Plumbing Disaster?

Welcome to Brisbane, where everyone has a mould or mildew colony somewhere in their home. Mould and mildew spores thrive in a warm, sultry environment and will thrive in bathrooms, walls, ceilings, under your home, or in any room where there’s sufficient condensation. It’s frustrating. It’s unsightly. Depending on the kind of mould, it can be a health hazard, but sometimes, it’s a sign of a disaster waiting to happen. Here’s how to know the difference.

Woman with a mould and mildew problem under her sink - caused by a plumbing fault

First, Is It Mould or Mildew – What’s the Difference?

Mould and mildew are both filamentous fungi – or multicellular fungi. Mildew grows ‘flat’ and is white or grey in colour whereas mould comes in a variety of colours and appears raised. Both mould and mildew pose health risks, but some types of mould can cause serious illness, especially to children and people with pre-existing health challenges. Living with indoor dampness and fungal contamination is associated with a 30-50% increase in your risk of developing asthma. From a plumbing point of view, mould vs mildew makes little difference, because the root cause of a mould or mildew outbreak is moisture.

Where Is the Mould or Mildew Growing?

Mould and mildew can simply be a symptom of Brisbane’s weather, and how we manage it. Every summer, we crank the air-conditioning, and we wake to condensation on our windows. That moisture provides an ideal habitat for fungi to settle in. But it’s not a sign of plumbing problems (more likely that your air-conditioner settings need adjusting and it’s probably time to get your system cleaned and mould treated). Set your air-conditioner to ‘dry mode’ and on mild days, opt for open windows instead.

Mildew or Mould in Your Bathroom or Other Wet Areas

All bathrooms get mouldy from time to time. Your kitchen too, is a hot spot for warm moist air. Mould around the seals on your shower is annoying but not a plumbing problem. But mould in your walls could be a very serious problem. It’s not just your bathroom, kitchen and laundry walls, any wall that houses a pipe could be a candidate for a catastrophic plumbing problem. Mould as a result of a water leak however is a costly disaster waiting to happen, or more accurately, is already happening!

  • A musty smell in your bathroom
  • Damp, dank air in the bathroom, even when it’s been properly ventilated
  • Mould under sinks or basins, or around pipes
  • Damp patches on carpet or moisture on walls and floors in neighbouring rooms.
  • Mould behind a toilet or near the sewer drain
  • Mould around the baseboards or in a concentrated area of a wall
  • Warping or softening of your walls or floors
Leaking toilet causing mould has been removed for repairs.

Mould or Mildew on Your Ceiling

Again, condensation is the usual culprit for mould on your ceiling but sometimes, ceiling mould can be a sign of a leaking pipe in the ceiling cavity or a leak in your roof. This can penetrate your walls in no time – and cause extensive damage. Note that wet area ceiling paint contains mould inhibitors, so while the water could be pooling in your ceiling, you may not receive an early warning from your ‘mouldy housemates.’

  • Softening, sagging or misshaped ceilings
  • Mould or mildew in an isolated spot on your ceiling
  • Mould or mildew in any joins in your ceiling (especially in metallic roofing)
  • Loosening or mouldering of architraves or frames
  • Musty smells and ‘dank’ air.
Mouldy ceiling removed to repair leaking pipes, the cause of the mould issue.

Under Floor Mould in Homes – Brisbane’s Newest Mould Problem

Diagnosing under floor mould colonies has become a ‘high demand service’ for plumbers in Brisbane. Flooding can introduce new mould spores to your property and the trapped moisture and extra damp soil allows for a fungal colony to thrive under the floorboards of a raised house. But flooding is also tough on your drains, even drains that run through your foundations. If you find mould under your house or smell it permeating up through your floors, you should call Salmon Plumbing immediately. If a pipe or drain is leaking under your home, it can impact the foundations of your home, causing concrete cancer or timber rot in stumps. It’s imperative that you find out what’s causing the mould before disaster strikes.

Is Mould Diagnosis and Treatment Expensive?

The longer it goes undetected the more expensive a mould problem becomes. Mould colonies take 24 to 48 hours to start growing once they find an appropriate wet environment. Within 2-3 weeks it’s visually noticeable. By the time you notice a new mould patch on your walls, floors or ceilings, the leak is already up to three weeks old.

Imagine pouring a bucket of water onto your carpet every day for three weeks, and then keeping it tightly contained in a drywall box, with little ventilation. It smells. The carpet is ruined. The water soon starts to destroy everything nearby. The mould is living its best fungi life. That’s what could be going on in your walls, or worse. Meanwhile the original leak continues to get worse, and worse, until a trickle, becomes a burst.

How Do We Diagnose Mould Problems in Your Home?

Salmon Plumbing offers an affordable mould diagnostic service in Brisbane.

  1. Call us to book in a consultation.
  2. Our plumber will come to you, inspect your mould or mildew issue and find the source.
  3. Your plumber will confirm if it’s a leak related problem or if you need to seek the help of a roofer or an air-conditioning technician.
  4. If your plumber determines that your mould or mildew issue is likely related to a plumbing problem, they’ll outline the next steps for leak detection and repair.

What Does It Cost to Fix a Leaking Pipe in a Wall, Foundation or Ceiling?

If we find a plumbing problem, the cost of your initial diagnosis will be included in the repairs. The plumbing cost of repairing a leaking pipe in a foundation, wall or ceiling depends on:

  • How long the leak has been flooding the area.
  • The extent of the damage to plumbing infrastructure.
  • How difficult it is to access the leak.
  • The cost of materials needed to repair the leak.
  • The root cause of the leak (force, corrosion, age etc can all damage pipes, some are easier to repair than others.)

How to Minimise the Cost of Repairing a Leaking Pipe

  • Check your insurance wording carefully.
  • Monitor your water bills for any unexplained increases.
  • Choose a professional plumbing company equipped with CCTV and modern leak. detection tools – this saves you time, and time is the biggest factor in tradie charges.
  • Choose a Brisbane plumber that provides pipe relining (read more about our pipe relining option). This allows for leak repair WITHOUT digging up the entire foundation!
  • Ask your plumbing company about their experience with leak repairs.

The Best Way to Save Big Time on Wall, Ceiling and Foundation Leaks?

The biggest way to save money on leaking pipe repairs is to catch them early! Your plumber can repair the pipes, but the cost of fixing structural damage can be astronomical. If you see a new, concentrated area of mould or mildew in your home, call a plumber right away. Do not wait for the mould patch to spread. Do not put it on your to-do list. Call us the moment you notice a new mould or mildew patch. It’ll save you money, and possibly your health!

The Cost of Brisbane’s Leaking Taps and Toilets

Leaking Taps

Tap and toilet repairs around Brisbane aren’t a joking matter – the sound of that dripping tap late at night can be unbearable costing you precious sleep & money. A leaking hot tap will cost you both of those as well as the additional electricity to heat that wasted water. A slow drip can waste up to 1 litre of water per hour equating to approximately one bathtub of lost water per week, so if you have a leaking tap, call the professionals at Salmon Plumbing to get it fixed right.

fotolia_95231777-leakingtaps toilet repairs brisbane

Although it may be tempting to try to fix it yourself & might appear to be easy, it isn’t always the case & can very quickly turn into a disaster. Always call a professional for repairs to leaking taps and toilets in Brisbane, because a simple mistake can prove very costly later. At Salmon Plumbing we:

  • Use purpose made, quality tools to undertake the repair
  • Are licensed, experienced professionals
  • Use only quality washers, o-rings & jumper valves on your taps
  • Always reseat existing tapware to ensure an effective seal between the jumper valve & seat
  • Flush out any swarf prior to completion

Salmon Plumbing uses & recommends an extensive range of quality tapware to cater for even the most fastidious buyer. Our plumbers carry a range common taps to be fitted on showers, basins, sinks, laundry tubs and baths. If you’d like an even wider choice, have a chat with our friendly team who can help you with your decision.

Do you have a dripping or leaking tap?

Use the drip calculators below to work out how much water your household is wasting.

Slow Dripping / Leaking Tap

Count the number of drips from your tap in one minute.

Fast Dripping / Leaking Tap

For drips faster than 5 drips per second, hold a measuring cup under the dripping tap and count how long it takes to fill up to 240ml.

Toilets & Cisterns

Salmon Plumbing’s experienced technicians carry an extensive range of parts to repair most common makes & models of toilet suites. This includes cistern isolation valves, service pipes, inlet valves, outlet washers & rubbers. In most cases, we can fix your toilet on the spot!

fotolia_61284152-leakingtoilets tap toilet repair brisbane

We supply and install full toilet suites or just the cistern and toilet pan individually depending on your needs & the current installation. If you would like advice on tap and toilet repairs or replacement around Brisbane, call Salmon Plumbing today.

Why Salmon Plumbing is Brisbane’s Most Reliable Commercial Plumber!

Looking for a reliable commercial plumber in Brisbane? We’ve been offering a range of plumbing services for commercial and industrial enterprises across the Brisbane area, since 1991. We install and maintain commercial plumbing solutions from well-known companies that have a proven track record and have built a good reputation in the commercial sector.

Public Toilets - Call your Brisbane commercial plumber when things go wrong.

Fully Insured Commercial Work by a Licenced Brisbane Plumber

Not only will we turn up on time when you need us, you can trust that as proud members of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland the work performed by Salmon Plumbing is completed to the highest standard and will be fully compliant. QBCC contractor licenced, Salmon Plumbing is fully insured and stands by the quality of our work with a 7 year workmanship warranty.

Trusted Commercial Plumber that Understands Brisbane Business

Salmon Plumbing understands business. We know that plumbing problems in the commercial sector are not simply an inconvenience – they can stop a business in its tracks. We provide emergency plumbing services 24/7, 365 days a year and will be there when you call. You can rely on us to turn up fast and get the job done in a timely fashion, with the minimum of inconvenience to your business.

Trade waste systems - Talk to Salmon Plumbing, your trusted Brisbane commercial plumber
tradewaste icon


Commercial and Industrial enterprises often generate waste as a by-product of their manufacturing process. This includes chemicals, metals, detergent, grease and oil, and food scraps. This waste has to be adequately treated before it can be discharged into the sewerage system.

Salmon Plumbing offers a range of quality trade waste solutions to restaurants, hospitals and medical centres, chemical manufacturers and metal finishers from established trade waste product manufacturers like Fox, Everhard and Gerberit.

rainwater-system icon


Rainwater systems are very popular in Australia, and are a great commercial investment.  They are good for the environment and good for you. In areas with good rainfall, the savings on the water bill can be very significant. We install three different kinds of water tanks – plastic, stainless steel and the Eco Sac.

water-tanks icon


Salmon Plumbing offers complete solutions in commercial hot water for schools, nursing homes, apartment complexes and retirement villages. We offer a variety of options such as gas, solar, electric and heat pump hot water.

pumps icon


Pumps are used in several plumbing solutions such as rainwater systems, solar hot water, and trade waste management to divert the flow of water. Salmon Plumbing is the licenced installer for several quality brands of water pumps.

Water Pumps - talk to Salmon Plumbing, Brisbanes trusted commercial plumber

Salmon Plumbing, the Commercial Plumber Brisbane Trusts.

So whether you need a new hot water unit for your business, need to upgrade your shower facilites at your gym, or are looking for a comprehensive solution for your restaurant – we can help. 

Get in Touch today!

Public Holiday Plumbing Emergency? We’ve Got You!

Plumbing Emergency on a Brisbane Public Holiday.

There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling of realising you have a plumbing emergency unfolding on your property and it is a public holiday! Maybe the plumber that you normally use is not available because he wants to enjoy the public holiday and has gone fishing. Meanwhile you may have a rapidly expanding pool of water threatening major property damage. Not to mention the possibility of no running water for several days and having to rely on friends, family, and neighbours for the necessities. It might be time to reconsider which plumber you keep on your fridge for your plumbing problems.

Don’t panic! John Salmon and the team at Salmon Plumbing have Brisbane residents covered EVERY day – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Including public holiday plumbing emergencies.

While it is easy for us to say don’t panic, a wall of water can send anyone into a spin. So here is HOW to stop the water in a plumbing emergency.

Steps to Take in Your Brisbane Plumbing Emergency

  1. Turn the water off at the source if possible (check under the sink or near your toilet).
  2. Turn the water supply off at the mains. You should do this even if you have turned the water off at the source.
    • If you live in a house, you will usually find a water mains tap or valve at the very front edge of your property under a council plate.
    • If you live in an apartment, you may find this under the kitchen sink or laundry area. Sometimes your water mains are located in a box outside of the building with a mains valve for each individual apartment or unit.
  3. If your water leak is located near any electrical appliances, turn your power supply off at your electrical mains power board.
  4. Call your local Brisbane Emergency Plumber, Salmon Plumbing on 07 3862 2600 – even on a public holiday.
Water leaking throughout house from a plumbing emergency on a Brisbane public holiday.

What Your Brisbane Emergency Plumber Will Do on a Public Holiday Call Out

  • When you call Salmon Plumbing, our experienced customer service staff will get details of your emergency, establish the urgency of the situation, and send a plumber out to you straight away.
  • Our plumber will arrive fast with a fully equipped truck to take care of your plumbing emergency.
  • We will make repairs to stop the plumbing emergency and will offer professional advice on whether additional work is required to deal with any underlying cause of the emergency.
  • Cleaning up is just as important as solving the problem. We take care so that all we leave behind is a job well done.

Avoiding a Plumbing Disaster While Your Home is Empty

Going away this long weekend? Here are a few things you can do to avoid a plumbing disaster while you are away:

  1. Turn internal plumbing appliances off at the tap – dishwashers, washing machines and plumbed in fridges are a few of the main culprits of holiday plumbing disasters.
  2. Inspect any flexi-hoses for bumps, bulges, protruding wires and kinks and have a plumber replace those that are worn or older than 5 years. Flexi-hoses can burst unexpectedly and cause significant property damage.
  3. Have a friend or neighbour keep an eye out on your property – water running unchecked down the drive or bulging patches of lawn are a sign of something gone amiss.
  4. Consider switching off the power to your hot water unit and turning all the water off at the mains.

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Bathroom Smells – From the Pipes, Not Your Partner!

Woman holdiing nose in digust at bathroom smells

Is your bathroom still emitting pungent odours hours after your partner sat on the porcelain throne doing the daily Wordle puzzle? Have you tried multiple air fresheners only to return later to have the smell punch you in the face once again?

Before completely overhauling your partner’s diet or investing in expensive gut cleansing powders, consider whether the bathroom smells are coming from your pipes, rather than your partner. Chances are they are also getting a nose full of the smelly drains, and maybe even thinking it’s you!

DIY Fixes for Bathroom Smells and Smelly Drains

Sometimes stinky plumbing smells need to be dealt with by a plumbing professional. But the good news is there are a few things you can try first.

Fill the P-Trap

The first place to start is with the p-trap – this is a U-shaped pipe found underneath the basins, baths and showers (not the fluffy rug your nan used to put around the base of the toilet!) When it is filled with water, as it should be, the p-trap acts as a barrier that prevents gases from your sewer system rising up through the pipes into your home. If you have a bathroom where fixtures haven’t been used for some time, the water may have evaporated. In this case, simply running the tap to refill the p-trap may be all you need to do.

Check for Leaks in the P-trap

If you still have smelly drains even after running water down them, checking your p-trap for leaks is the next step in getting to the bottom of the issue. Even a small leak in the U-shaped pipe can be enough to let the potent gases sneak up through your system. This is something you may be able to replace and fit yourself. However, if you have any concerns, or lack the necessary tools for the job, calling a plumber is the best course of action.

Check the Sink for Blockages

It’s gross to think about, but all the things that go down your sink drain other than water (such as hair, toothpaste, soap, or food remnants) can cause a blockage in the pipes that takes on a life of its own and begins to stink!

In cases where the build-up is mild, pouring a cup of baking powder followed by a cup of white vinegar into your sink or shower drain and leaving for 10-15 minutes before running the hot water may be enough to clear the clog in the pipes and deodorise drains. You can also try unclogging the drain yourself with a plunger.

However, in more extreme circumstances, a plumber may use a drain snake or high-pressure hydro-jet to unblock the pipes.

Ignoring a blocked drain and hoping it’ll just go away can quickly turn into a costly mistake. So if these DIY methods don’t work, get your plumber on the phone!

Leaking toilet or blocked drain in the basin can cause bad bathroom smells.

Is the Smell Coming from the Toilet Rather than the Drains?

Are you struggling to keep a lid on the smell coming from your toilet? Smelly bathrooms aren’t always down to smelly drains or your honey spending too long on the dunny.

There are several reasons why your toilet might be the source of the foul smell.

Just like with the p-trap under your sink, the water in the toilet acts as a barrier to stop sewage gases from entering your home. If your toilet bowl isn’t filling up as it should, this could indicate a broken seal.

If there is no caulk around the base of your toilet, water and urine can gather in the crevices, grow bacteria and smell very unpleasant if left unchecked.

A loose or wobbly toilet may indicate a broken pan collar seal or wax ring which can result in toilet water leaking out and puddling on the floor and sewer gas escaping into the room.

Don’t let the stench of smelly drains or other unpleasant bathroom smells overtake your home! Contact Salmon Plumbing today.