update an old bathroom with these budget plumbing tips

If you’ve purchased an older house and the bathroom is in need of an update, you may assume calling a plumber will cost you a bit to renovate. But simple, cosmetic updates can be affordable if you’re smart about it. A good plumber will usually be able to install them during one call out and will install them in a fraction of the time it would take you.

Now not everyone can afford to renovate their bathroom after the initial outlay to purchase the property. But there are some ways to make the bathroom look aesthetically pleasing until you do have the finances available to do a complete overhaul. 

Here are some budget plumbing tips which can update an old bathroom for minimal cost.

Replace Your Toilet Seat

budget plumbing tips to update an old bathroom

It can be the luck of the draw on what type of toilet you have installed in your bathroom. You may have a dual flush toilet suite or you could have a toilet with the cistern high up the wall that has seen better days, connecting to a white toilet pan with an old dingy black plastic toilet seat. You could get your plumber to replace the whole toilet suite. But if this is out of your budget, simply replace the toilet seat. You’d be surprised how refreshed the toilet will look with this simple install.

Replace Taps With Like For Like

Replacing old or damaged tapware can also update your bathroom. There can be an outlay of cost in purchasing the new tapware, but providing you replace an existing mixer with a new mixer or hob mounted with the like, you can instantly update the bathroom. Why not replace the chrome taps with matte black? This can cost more than chrome, but is not as expensive as the brushed metallic tapware available. But it can instantly modernize the bathroom if that is the look you’re after.

Replace The Plug and Waste

You may not be a fan of the basin or the vanity cupboard for that matter, but if replacing these won’t fit in with your budget, get your plumber to replace the plug and waste. Often a basin will show its age by the grime in the silicone sealing the basin waste. Your plumber will be able to find the correct plug and waste needed and re-silicone this in for you. Leave this job with your plumber to source as the plug and waste diameters can vary from 32mm to 40mm and some require an overflow.

Add a Hand Shower

If your shower has an all directional shower rose, this can be replaced with a hand shower. A plumber does not necessarily have to install this, however, you have to be mindful of where your cold and hot water pipes are when drilling into the tiled wall to affix the shower rail. Your plumber’s expertise will ensure the rail is installed where it needs to be and even if they get it wrong, they’re the best person to fix the leak.

A good clean, a fresh lick of paint and even some new accessories in the like of a plant or new window furnishing may be all that’s needed so your bathroom looks less drab and more fab.

Salmon Plumbing can do all these budget bathroom plumbing tips in one call out, saving you money and time trying to do it yourself. Call the team now so we can organise a call out to help.