water tap with hot water steam

No one wants to start their morning with a cold shower, and certainly not during the peak of winter. It’s certainly an inconvenient occurrence to have no hot water right when you need it the most. So what is the cause and what can be done to fix it? Here are 5 reasons why you have no hot water and how they can be fixed.

Split Tap Washers

If you have hot water coming through all the hot water taps in the house, and not through the shower, you may need to replace the tap washers. A dribble of hot water through the shower rose is a sign the tap washer has split and is preventing the hot water to flow through to the shower rose. Get the washers replaced and you should have hot water run through in no time.

Faulty Tempering Valve

All electric hot water installations should have a tempering valve installed. This tempering valve controls the temperature and tempers the hot water to 50 degrees Celsius. If you have water run through the hot water tap, but it’s lukewarm or cold, your tempering valve may need to be adjusted or tested by a plumber and replaced if faulty.

Rusty, Split Tank

A rusty, split water tank won’t be able to feed hot water into your home when it’s draining from the bottom of the tank. A rusty water tank is a sign of old age and a tank that has never had its sacrificial anode maintained. The only way to fix this hot water issue is to replace the tank with a new system. Salmon Plumbing can give you a quote for supply and install of a new hot water unit to suit your needs.

Tripped Switch

As the name suggests, electric hot water units require electricity to heat the water. Even some gas hot water units require electricity to ignite the pilot light. Before calling a plumber to investigate the system, check the power switchboard of your home. If the switch labelled ‘HOT WATER’ is off, there may be an electrical fault which will require a call out from an electrician.

Faulty Relief Valve

If the hot water pressure is minimal throughout the house, this is a sign the pressure relief valve is faulty. Call your local plumber to replace immediately.

Sometimes the hot water fault may not be obvious to the homeowner. To equip the plumber with an idea of the possible cause, test all the hot water taps within the house. Make a note of the temperature and flow. This will prepare your plumber on what to look at first when they come out to fix the problem.

For all your hot water unit maintenance needs, contact Salmon Plumbing. Our team is ready to take your call today.