Gas Hot Instantaneous Units

instant hot waterThese units are also known as continuous flow or tankless hot water units. This system does not store hot water, but heats and delivers it as needed. When you turn on the hot water tap, cold water enters the heating unit and triggers the gas burner which heats the water before delivering it.

This system has some real advantages:

  • You can never really run out of hot water.
  • Different water temperatures based on use (shower, dishwasher etc.) can be set at the heating unit so it does not need to be modulated at the point of use. That means water never overheats, saving energy.
  • A lot of energy is needed to keep hot water at a constant temperature (as in storage units). Since these units don’t store water, they have lower a running cost.
  • Since they don’t store water, there are no problems like bacteria and mould that storage heaters could have if the water temperature is not high enough.

The disadvantage is that when active, instantaneous units have a high demand for gas and this restricts the locations where they can be installed.

Salmon Plumbing supplies, installs and repairs all the major brands – Rheem, Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Rinnai and Everhot.

Rheem Continuous Flow 12L (876612 & 874612)                                    Rheem Continuous Flow 27L Indoor (862627) no gas label

  Rheem Continuous Flow 12L                             Rheem Continuous Flow 27L Indoor

Rheem metro 16 (876E16 & 874E16)                                         Rheem metro 24 plus (875E24 & 871E24)

  Rheem metro 16 (876E16-874E16)                        Rheem metro 24 plus (875E24 & 871E24)

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