Gas Hot Water – Storage Unit

As the name suggests, water is preheated and stored in an insulated tank, ready for use when needed. The amount of water stored depends on the capacity of the storage tank (heater).

The advantage of this system is that you have piping hot water whenever you need and it is delivered at a constant pressure, so even if a few different hot water taps are running in the house, the pressure and temperature is not affected.

The disadvantage is that once the storage unit runs out of water, it takes some time to heat more water. That means the water could turn cold if you are the last one in a large family to head for the shower. However, this is unlikely to happen often if you install a storage unit of the right capacity for your needs. Storage units are typically recommended when there are more than 3 users.

Storage units have been quite popular for residential and commercial use for many years now. While brands have different warranties, most offer 5 to 10 years. They come in stainless steel or vitreous enamel-lined mild steel. Some stainless steel units do not have an LPG model.

Salmon Plumbing supplies, installs and repairs all the major brands – Rheem, Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Rinnai and Everhot.

AquaMax G390SS                                 Rheem 5 Star Gas RHS (350265)

             AquaMax-G390SS                                           Rheem 5 Star Gas RHS (350265)

Rheemglas 4 Star gas HR (347090)                              RheemPlus 5 Star Gas (354265)

Rheemglas 4 Star gas HR (347090)                     RheemPlus 5 Star Gas 354265

Vulcan Gas 135L RHS (648135)                                Rheemglas Gas Internal 135L (300135)

    Vulcan Gas 135L RHS (648135)                      Rheemglas Gas Internal 135L (300135)

Everhot 5 Star Gas 302                                            Everhot 5 Star Gas

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