Burst Flexible Hose

There has been quite a lot of media attention on flexible hose connections and the damage they have been causing to homes when they burst. The media attention is warranted because the costs and inconvenience when facing this plumbing issue can be frustrating for home owners.

Every home in Brisbane will have a flexible hose connection somewhere. Most commonly they are found:

  • Under the kitchen sink to connect the sink mixer tap
  • Under the vanity cupboard to connect the basin mixer tap
  • Under the toilet cistern, connecting the cistern to the stop tap
  • Inside a toilet cistern if the water is fed through the top

Flexible hoses are a convenient way to connect water from tap to water supply, but they do have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. It is recommended that they be changed every 5 years

Sadly, too many of these flexible hose connectors aren’t being regularly checked for rust or unravelling of threads. Any type of deterioration to the hose should warrant an immediate call to Salmon Plumbing, for a replacement.

While the damage can be covered by insurance, it’s an inconvenient cost of time and money (often an excess has to be paid) to rectify the damage caused.

Tips for Checking Your Flexible Hose Connections

Here are some tips on checking your flexible hose connections.

1. Check the flexible hose connections every time you receive your water bill

Water bills usually come every quarter of the year. When the bill comes in the mail, make it a habit to check the hoses.

2. Get rusty or unthreaded hose connectors replaced asap

If you notice any deterioration to your flexible hoses, call Salmon Plumbing to replace them with burst proof flexi hoses or copper.

3. Have stop taps installed on every hose connection

Stop taps should be installed at each fixture in the home to ensure the water can be easily isolated in case of an emergency. If you get your flexible hoses replaced, ask for stop taps to be installed as well.

4. Turn water off to your home when you go away

Before you go on your holidays, be sure to turn the water off to your home. This can prevent any unwanted internal flood surprises when you arrive back home. Water is such a precious resource, and your water bill will be significant if a hose bursts while you’re away.

If you are planning to go away this Christmas, be sure to get your hoses checked and replaced by Salmon Plumbing. The replacement alone will give you peace of mind and it will avoid a costly renovation which could have been prevented.