Salmon Plumbing Ladies: Virginia (Left) and Claire (Right)

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th March. The theme for 2020 is ‘I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.’

Traditionally, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, offering an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the wonderful contribution women have made in the workplace and in society. It’s also a time to reflect on what changes still need to be made when it comes to gender equality.

In generations past and still in the present day, the plumbing industry has been a male-dominated industry. But the times are changing – for the better, with women actively pursuing a career in plumbing.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you the women who help the QLD Plumbing Industry thrive. Their leadership, skill and work done behind the scenes are what drives better outcomes for plumbing businesses in QLD.

These women have brought equality into the plumbing industry and they should be commended and recognised for what they do.

The Administration Team Behind the Scenes at Salmon Plumbing

I might be biased, but Salmon Plumbing has the best administration staff in QLD. Without them, our business would not run. Virginia, Claire and Tina are at the forefront of our business, taking your calls, organising the bookings and managing the paper trail that comes with running a plumbing business. Their genuine attitude to help, friendly customer service delivery and exceptional administration skills keep Salmon Plumbing in business. While what they do is done behind the scenes, if they were to quit tomorrow, we wouldn’t be able to function.

Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD (MPAQ) Executive Director Penny Cornah and Team

The MPAQ is run predominantly by women and it is no surprise the changes the team have put into place have been for the better for QLD plumbers.

Penny Cornah has been influential in her role as Executive Director by advocating for plumbers with government leaders and initiating solutions to problems within the industry. She is a female leader in a male dominated industry. Her advocacy to see QLD plumbing businesses thrive, while encouraging equal opportunities for women to make a career in the plumbing industry, should be commended and recognised.

Penny Cornah

Women’s Plumbing Alliance

The Women’s Plumbing Alliance is a group managed by the MPAQ and it not only recognises the work women do in the plumbing industry, it offers opportunities for mentorship and support. The group aims to address the isolation women can feel when they are running a plumbing business behind the scenes. It also focuses on initiatives to encourage more apprentices within the industry.

The group meet once a month and have networking events throughout the year to ensure women who work behind the scenes in their family plumbing business don’t feel isolated or underappreciated. The group is comprised of women actively working in plumbing and is comprised of volunteers who attend meetings and events to initiate change and support for all women in the industry.

Women’s Plumbing Alliance

Female Plumbers in Areas of Influence – Plumbing Inspectors and TAFE Teachers

While there are only a small number of female plumbers in QLD, many are running their own business or have gone on to develop careers in areas of influence like being a plumbing inspector or teaching apprentices at TAFE. These women are truly living out the International Women’s Day theme of Generation Equality. For all women working within the plumbing industry whether in jobs of influence, behind the scenes in admin or on the tools, we say thank you for what you do. Your contribution is recognised and the plumbing industry in QLD is all the better for your involvement. Thank you for stepping up and standing tall for gender equality within our industry.