Making the Most from Your Plumber’s Call Out Fee

We understand: calling a plumber can be an expensive exercise, and no one wants to spend more money than they have to. But a timely appointment with a plumber can not only fix your immediate problem, but it can also save you thousands of dollars in the future. That’s because the plumber is already at your home or business, so by planning ahead you can get them to look at other things that might not be causing concern now, but may need some minor maintenance to help prevent major problems in the future.

Plumber working

It’s a little like going to the doctor for a bad cold, but also asking a few questions about your diet or back pain: you’re already there, so why not make the most of it and get value for your money! Getting the most out of your plumber’s call out fee is pretty much the same concept, at the very least you will have peace of mind that things are all under control

Here are some things to make sure you get checked out next time you have your plumber on site.

Water Leaks and Tap Washers

Changing washers is a pretty simple business with most tapware, but if there’s a professional in the house, it’s worth getting them to have a look at what might need replacing and getting it done. Not only will it be faster, but you’ll likely also be able to get a quote to repair any slightly more expensive parts like ceramic discs inside the tapware.

Gutter and  Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes can back up with debris, and then all it takes is a heavier than normal rain event for water to end up in all sorts of places you don’t want. While your plumber is there, ask them to do a visual inspection of the property to check the gutters and downpipes. They’ll know the places that are likely to be “choke points” for problems, and are also experienced at spotting where signs of damage have already occurred.

Hot Water System

The hot water system is one of the most heavily used and most important parts of many household plumbing systems, so it pays to have it checked regularly. An experienced eye checking over the system can spot plenty of problems like hidden rust, and your plumber can also do a quick test to make sure the system is heating water to the required temperatures.

Water that is not heated to the correct temperature in the tank can quickly become an attractive place for bacteria to grow, and a Legionella problem is the last thing you want in your hot water system.

Your plumber can also double check the operation of all valves and ensure there is no unexpected surprises waiting for you in the immediate future.  Some minor maintenance can also help extend the life of your Hot Water Service.

Water Tanks

Droughts over the last few decades in all parts of Australia have meant that water tanks have become as common in Australian backyards as BBQs. But these are often out of sight and out of mind. Having your plumber inspect the mesh at the opening of the tank as well as the pump connections is always a good idea to make sure that wildlife isn’t getting in. Stopping water pooling from leaks or mosquitoes from getting into your tank is also the best way to continue enjoying your outdoor area by denying the mozzies a space to breed.

Flexible Hoses

The flexible hoses around all manner of plumbing equipment are made of a large number of metal threads which means that with age they might fray, rust, or leak. Getting these checked and replaced can go a long way towards preventing any future flooding emergencies!

Like most things nowadays, there are also some cheaper, imported, flexible hoses available on the market today – your plumber can identify these and replace with high quality alternatives that also come with a manufacturers warranty for piece of mind.

So, take the chance to make the most of your plumber’s call out fee next time you have them visit your premises.  Have them check over one or more of the areas we’ve mentioned in this article. A friendly, professional plumber like the ones at Salmon Plumbing will be happy to take a look for you and advise what needs to be done to keep your home or office in top shape.