Have you fallen for these 5 five plumbing myths?


When it comes to saving money on plumbing projects, there is something we think you should know. 

Those same Youtube videos, Pinterest hacks, and family recipes that are keeping your toilet bowl sparkling clean or your house odor-free may be doing more damage than you think. 

As plumbing professionals, we want to make sure you’re not doing more bad than good when it comes to your home or business’ plumbing. So, we’ve decided to bust five popular plumbing myths and show you the right ways to look after your water and sanitation systems. 

Myth 1: You can flush more than toilet paper

One of the most common issues Salmon Plumbers have faced is attending to, what we call, a UTB, a.k.a an Unidentified Toilet Blockage. See, when it comes to your bathroom, there are many things that might appear flushable, but actually they aren’t. 

Objects like paper towels, maxi pads, tampons and makeup remover wipes are not designed to go down the toilet and can easily cause a blockage if they are flushed. 

Nothing except toilet paper, not even flushable wipes, should be flushed down the toilet.

Myth 2: You should use bleaching tablets to clean your toilet

Bleach can be a very effective toilet cleaning agent. However, when left to sit in your toilet for too long (usually more than 10 minutes), it can damage the toilet bowl surface and degrade many of its working parts. 

A drop-in bleach tablet continually releases bleach over an extended period of time. So, by placing this in your bowl and simply walking away, you run the risk of issues above, or in some more serious cases, the complete corrosion of your toilet bowl!

While it may require a more hands-on approach, manual cleaning processes with the occasional inclusion of bleach will help you achieve the safest and best clean for your toilet. 

Myth 3: You only need to think about your pipes when there’s a problem

Hair and shampoo in the shower, food and coffee grounds in the kitchen sink, and more, can all accumulate in your pipes over time. So, while you may not think anything is immediately wrong, the slow build-up of a blockage may mean water could start backing up without warning. 

To avoid issues like these occurring so suddenly, arrange regular inspections of your home or business’ plumbing system. This can help you identify problems before they become costly, and enable you to learn the best tactics for maintenance from the plumbing professionals.

Myth 4: You can flush fish down the toilet

Before sending a fish to the porcelain pet heaven, you need to be certain it is no longer alive. 

Many fish that are flushed can end up surviving their journey through the sewer system. From there they can become oversized and reproduce at alarming rates. This can put a number of natural ecosystems at risk.

Myth 5: You can use drain cleaner to avoid calling a plumber

If you find drains in your home are gurgling or slow to empty, don’t reach for the baking soda and vinegar or drain cleaner right away. It’s actually best to contact a plumber to remove the blockage that is impacting your system.

Liquid drain cleaners, and drain cleaning methods, are not actually that effective at clearing blocked drains. What they are 100% good at, however, is eating away at your pipes and flushing dangerous chemicals out into natural ecosystems. 

Fact: Your local plumber will have the best advice for plumbing issues

When you can, it’s best to call your local plumber if you are facing a problem, or need some advice for care and maintenance. 

By consulting a professional, you can trust that you are taking the best care of your property’s plumbing system.

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